Bravo – Send and Receive Secure Payments

Bravo – On the project, crypto market costs more than 290 billion dollars, but many users do not know how to buy coins and not to mention where to spend their coins. Despite the fact that currently for service professionals, artists, small traders and everyone else there is a real application, many shops and service professionals do not have the opportunity to take cryptocurrency. BRAVO will change this and allow anyone to pay or receive cryptocurrency without problems, as we are already doing for currency transactions, “explains Maria Luna, Director general.

Consumers in both developed and developing countries require payment systems that are inexpensive, easy to use, safe and anonymous, which can easily connect to different cards and accounts. This is exactly what BRAVO gives.
The BRAVO Tip or pay for mobile app makes it easy to pay or receive money from a mobile device, such as a smartphone or tablet. The application currently supports payments in US dollars and has a community of tens of thousands of active users who commit daily transactions.

The application is now evolving to accept crypto payments and integrate blockchain technology to further reduce costs and increase transaction speed on the platform. Using the block-chain on the back panel, BRAVO will be able to scale at a much higher speed to provide a global expansion.
To test the BRAVO app, download it for free from Google Play or the Apple App Store.
Image. png key feature • Find nearby users using GPS and pay them directly, without having to send emails, usernames or phone numbers.
• Evaluate and inform your favorite service professionals, traders, musicians or anyone after payment.
• Easily view your transaction history and see your revenue trends at a glance.
• Register in seconds via email, phone number or Facebook.
• Directly add your bank account or credit card details to start sending or receiving money instantly.

On a global scale, we move to a non-cash society, but billions of people do not have bank accounts and must rely on cash to make a living and pay for goods and services.BRAVO creates a mobile payment platform with a block chain that eliminates technological problems in the current micropayment market while increasing usability and acceptance for both consumers and businesses.

Details of ICO Hard Cap – $ 34,700,000
Soft cap – $10,000,000
Preliminary sales start date-October 1, 2018
Pre-sales End date-October 31, 2018
Token symbol-BVI
Token type-ERC20

Token allocation
Round preview: 9%
ICO Pre-sale: 17%
Main sale ICO: 24%
Units: 2%
Advisors: 5%
Team and founders: 20%
Special Offer: 8%
Primary Reserve: 15%
_vsego: 100% _
Initial token price-$0.10

Conclusion :
The BRAVO Blockchain project has a great future, thanks to it users have full control over the confidentiality, funds, and payments, which are executed in seconds without intermediaries or third-party platforms-blocks and without hidden Payments. BRAVO is also designed to integrate and use other applications. Improved user privacy with Incognito Payment protocol for added security.
Simple authentication and Account recovery protocol to provide full control and access to tokens and tools in 100% of cases. Funds and payments are registered in the BRAVO application immediately (with low delay) after the transaction. Transactions recorded on the BRAVO block chain cannot be amending or modified. The tools can be attached to personal messages through their in-app Messenger.

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