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Boutspro – Karate, a sport which continues to grow globally, has long been a shortage of global organizations to efficiently manage the various terms. With the advent of blockchain technology, professional karate team called BoutsPro has appeared to use technology to manage blockchain organizing, education, media, sponsorship, advertising, and much more of karate.

The karate community worldwide–which includes students, practitioners, teachers, coaches and school, which is estimated at 190 million people in more than 180 countries have no interaction mechanisms to allow for a global organizations manage efficient funding ongoing activities. Blockchain technology presents such a mechanism, because it brings confidence and transparency to the management of these activities.

Blockchain technology also will attract new companies and investors to the industry of karate. To this end, BoutsPro will launch its own crypto token, “Bouts, ” that will be used throughout the community, as well as people outside the community, such as event viewer, online gamers, sports lovers and the advertisers.
The token is a token ERC20 Bout, allowing trade with less risk, more uniformity, reduce complexity and improve liquidity.

Sports With Unique Needs
Like other sports, karate has a number of organizations that allow people make Athletics as their primary career, which in turn, increases the popularity of the sport. Karate, however, has a unique funding needs of other sports. Each student needs a teacher to guide them in their physical and mental development. The practice of karate, unlike many other sports, can not be automatically driven by the regulations without a coach.

The Mission of BoutsPro is to bring the community together in a system that will generate income from a variety of sources, including the registration of members/students, sponsors of the tournament, the event’s sponsor, advertising and other activities.

Some Of The Functions
BoutsPro, working with Karate Legends, an organization that has been managing the world karate organization, will manage all aspects of the Organization’s activities, ranging from karate supports scholarships to offer sports insurance to create the stadium, the school and the school.

Plans include creating a club where teams will participate in the Karate world professional League, where the franchise will be available in the model for the results.
One goal is to set the registration fee to cover information such as ratings and access to events, tournaments and training. Tickets for events and tournaments will be available for sale by using the token BoutsPro.

BoutsPro Internet portal will offer debt online ads using token BoutsPro.
TV channels will be created in collaboration with QuickMedia and Pozetta copyright of the Czech Republic, which has been providing live streaming video feeds and video-on-demand. The plan attempted to start production this year.

The plan includes a karate movie based on each year.

The organization is also working on a video game, which will provide entertainment and education about karate.

ICO Is Scheduled
A crowd of ICO will take place from 11 to 25 March. From July 25 to 31 March, the token will list on the stock exchange to be traded, and in Hard hats for the ICO will be 1 billion.

The basic price of the ICO will be 9,000 BOUTS/ETH. ETH will be accepted. The minimum purchase is 0.1 ETH, and recommended price is 50 Gwei. None of these tokens will be mined. Unlike other projects, no sale pre-sales or sales person. The crowds were transparent and provide equal opportunities for everyone to participate. List of the ICO one stage on the stock after the completion of the ICO is the main attraction.

Tokens Will Be Distributed As Follows:
• 50%-Fund crowd.
• 25%-For the karate community with the basic price of the ICO.
• 10%-development funds, locked for one year in the contract.
• 5%-Reward and support for players and coaches.
• 3% Campaign-Bounty, including social gifts, gifts of the bug, translation, the giving and serving.
• 2% – Advisor
• 5%-reserve funds for future needs.

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