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Yappadappadoo is a repository of blocks related to a block connection that offers advanced Web applications (PWA) for each mobile device in the world. By combining the innovations of two young and promising innovations, the blockchain, and PWA, Yappadappadoo will be created as David vs. Apple and the manager of Google Apps store Goliath and will play a noticeable part of the entire industry. Yappadappadoo is the first and now leading application store for advanced Web applications. It is estimated that by 2020, revenues from global applications will grow to about 180 billion dollars. For the narrow sides of the Apple App Store and Google Play store, They fear that PWA kills their money with dairy animals.

No downloads. No Institute. No updates. Clever to work autonomously and very quickly. Without separate devices and operating systems. Progressive Web applications (PWA) violate advertising applications such as Spotify and Netflix, improve the state of music and film. Yappadappadoo is the first and now leading application store for advanced Web applications. It is estimated that up to 2020 revenues from global programs will increase to approximately 180 bln. Usd. The United States. For the reasons of selfishness, Apple App Store and Google Play store fear that PWA kills their money dairy animals. They do not offer these progressive programs and will continue to maximize use as much as possible.

Applications and annex in-APP can be purchased using token Yappadappadoo, flints (FLI). Designers will also be appointed tokens, as well as ready for pre-configured functions or advertising actions of the administration. The payment system blockchain will have an unreasonably high commission for small payments, including one of the best and most important problems in the applied economy. System Yappadappadoo Blockchain-and the system of stimulation will be simple and reliable.
According to industry experts ‘ estimates, by 2020 the world revenues from investments will grow to 180 billion dollars. We intend to take 10% of this market, which corresponds to 18.8 bln. US Dollars. Profit Yappadappadoo includes 15% of sales ordered by applications, sales in applications and, moreover, revenue from mobile advertising and free applications, reduced costs and demonstrating effort.

Ready to use
PWA does not require downloading or creating. With regards to cloud-based web technologies, customers depend on the latest adaptation.
PWA depends on web technology and works on all platforms: Apple, Android, etc.
Advanced User Interface
PWA works on smartphones and tablets with the same “graphical appearance” of the local application. In any case, there is no good reason to download or upgrade the program!
Local functions
Progressive programs can use local device functions such as a camera, microphone, GPS, or messaging.

URS Kipfer
Michael Brendel
JANA Lindeck
BEAT Kipfer
Amarpreet SINGH
Sydney Ifergan
Boris Otnickar
Sergey Iyushkin
Danylo Morozov

Road Map
Q2 2018
Beta version of the Yappadappadoo store
Original Coin Offer
Q4 2018
Yappadappadoo Store v1.0
Improved development and support
Expand your marketing and advertising team
Q1 2019
Private Beta Package Yappadappadoo
OEM distribution
Indian Market Partnership
Business Unit of Spain
Q2 2019
Open Beta Package Yappadappadoo
Developers ‘ Conference
Partnership in the Chinese market
Private Beta Game Suite
Q3 2019
Yappadappadoo Suite v1.0
Network Strategic Partnership operators
Q4 2019
Free version of the game Suite
Developers ‘ Conference
Developers ‘ Conference

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