BOONTECH Revolutionizing Job MarketPlace Using Blockchain

BOONTECH Artificial intelligence can double the annual economic growth rate by changing the nature of work and create a new relationship between man and machine. The impact of technology AI against the projected business can increase the productivity of the workforce up to 40 percent and allow the public to make use of their time more efficiently.
However, the current job market platform ignores user behavior patterns and eliminate important data to enhance the capabilities of the platform, reducing efficiency and ROI from all parties involved.

Introducing Boon Tech
Boon Tech aims to be a job market that is using the world’s first artificial intelligence to harness the power of computation and data analysis to gain valuable points accuracy percentage, giving our users the ROI is much more high compared to traditional platforms.

Boon Tech platform is decentralised and intelligent set of contracts that form a decentralized job market. In this framework, the benefits of the global commercial infrastructure AI for the benefit of all parties involved.

AIQ Or Artificial Intelligence Quotient
Clients and freelancers need a method for estimating the reputation of market participants. It is important to make choices everyday transactions in the network, and this also plays a role in the governance of the network core and resource allocation.

Platform Tech personality insights using Boon AI belonging to IBM Watson to infer communication, events, portraits of individuals that reflects their personality characteristics unawares. We use linguistic analysis to infer the intrinsic individual personality characteristics of digital communications such as email, text messaging, phone calls etc.

Personality Insights service covers the characteristics of a personality based on three primary models:
Five great-big five personality characteristics represent the most widely used models to generally describe how someone involved with the world. This model includes five main dimensions: Extraversion, Agreeableness, Conscientiousness, Emotional range, and Openness. Each dimension has six aspects that characterize individuals according to dimensions.
Needs describing aspects of the product which will resonate with someone. This model includes twelve requirements characteristics: Joy, harmony, curiosity, Ideal, proximity, self expression, freedom, love, Practicability, stability, challenges, and structure.
Values describing the driving factors that influence a person’s decision making. This model includes five values: Self-transendence/Helping others, Conservation/Tradition, Hedonism/Taking pleasure in life, Self-enhancement/Achieving success, and Open to change/Excitement.

AIQ Benefits
AIQ can provide insight that helps platform Boon Tech to learn and adjust much more about our users.
Understand our customers on a deeper level by learning our clients ‘ preferences, improve customer satisfaction, and strengthen client relationships.

Improve acquisition, retention, and client involvement. Guide the involvement of a very personal and private interactions to better adjust our platform, services, campaigns, and communications for the individual client.

educe The Language Barrier
AI helps us to quickly translate communications between clients and freelancers on the platform With service Tech. Boon Translator Language IBM Watson AI, we can identify the text input language and use the model to specific domains for Linguistics translate text to another language.

To translate industry specific jargon or other types of specialized terminology, IBM Watson allowed us to customize the linguistic model to mengoptimalkannya for our needs. This happens directly allowing a smooth and efficient communication between clients and freelancers.

This feature solves the biggest communication problem that existed across all platforms other micro jobs, both heritage and blockchain.

Identity Protection AI
AI-powered ID Identifier service using in-depth learning algorithm for analyzing images to identify that person without human intervention. Technology allows us to approve users quickly and efficiently in our platform. We are currently identifying all U.S. ID under this module.
Boon Coin (BOON)
Boon Coin (BOON) is the basic unit of account on blockchain Boon Coin. All other tokens get its value from the value of the BOON. In General, the BOON to be held for short periods of time when liquidity is needed. Someone who wants to enter or exit the platform Boon Tech to buy or sell a BOON. So, he must be purchased BOON converted into Boon Dollars (BD) to reduce the impact of the dilution in the long term.

Jadwal Penjualan BOON 15 Desember – 15 Januari 2018
Pembelian BOON Ethereum, Bitcoin, USD
Harga BOON 1 BOON = $0,04
Bonus –
Total Pasokan BOON 500.000.000 BOON

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