BOB’S Repair Provide Lower Pricing In The Home Repair Industry

BOB’S Repair During the last three years, the Prandecki brothers managed to operate the automatic linking STWP consumers directly with contractors, which generates revenue of more than $1 million USD and facilitates more than 50,000 services call. In spite of this success, the founders realized that they could not complete the STWP three major problems faced by consumers and contractors in a skilled trade industry

Three Problem Is:
Review fraud-because of consumer fraud, review can no longer trust the reviews online. Review of cheating occurs in several ways. The company artificially boosted the overall ranking them by buying fake reviews and pay the removal of negative reviews. The company also artificially lowers the ranking of their competitors by buying fake negative reviews. As a result, consumers can no longer trust the list of searches, such as Google local recommendations, HomeAdvisor, and Yelp. Without a legitimate reviews, consumers can’t make educated choices, which led to the hiring of contractors with deceptive practices most advanced compared to the service or the best price.

Advertising costs-because the cost of advertising, consumers pay too much for a skilled trade services. For example, on the web site of the existing trading service, the contractor will have to spend large amounts of money for advertising. The contractor issued this advertising costs to consumers, resulting in higher prices.

Price transparency-due to lack of transparency in price, consumers do not know the true cost of the services they buy, which produced an unfair price. For example, skilled trade services web site can charge a fee of USD $375 to replace the toilet. Consumers, however, don’t know why it service costs $375 USD-what is the cost of a new toilet versus labor versus cost? As a result, consumers unknowingly pay $375 USD for installation of toilets so they should pay for $150 USD.

Solutions offered By Bob’s Repair
The application will utilize technology Bob blockchain to fight the fraud review. Bob’s application will be built in blockchain STEEM because transaction time three seconds and no transaction fees. Bob applications will keep all financial transactions that occur on Bob’s Repair in blockchain. Then, when both sides of the transaction-the consumer and contractor-leave reviews, Bob’s Repair will link the review with actual financial transactions. By linking reviews with the actual financial transaction, consumers can trust that the reviews are real and unchanged. A review of the real, the real consumers of, provide better information so that consumers can make better decisions.

Application of Bob will not have ads from the contractor. As a result, the contractor will not pass on the cost of advertising to consumers. The contractor can not buy visibility on improvements to Bob through advertising. Instead, because the function upvoting, flagging postings, and user reputation on blockstain STEEM, visibility is governed by the service. For example, if the contractor has verified more positive reviews, then the contractors will have a more significant presence. This structure will eliminate the hidden advertising costs.

Application of Bob will have transparent prices. Each review will provide the cost of the services, broken down into costs of materials and labor. Consumers will be able to easily find reviews to find out the actual material and labor costs for certain services. This transparency will lower prices and tackle rising costs.

Project plan Bob’s Repair
To maintain income and growth, Bob’s Repair will follow the trend of the modern in the revenue model. Bob’s Repair will not have membership fees, registration fees, or the costs of the transaction. This makes the barrier to entry as low as possible for the lowest possible prices and contractor for consumers, which will facilitate growth. Instead, Bob’s Repair will earn revenue by generating money through blockchain STEEM, escrow services, and provide third-party services that are profitable to contractors and consumers.

Revenue Model
To keep a low fixed price for customers and a low barrier to entry for a contractor, Bob’s Repair will not have membership fees, registration fees, or the costs of the transaction. Instead, Bob’s Repair will generate income by three ways: STEEM blockchain, escrow services, and provide third-party services that are profitable for the contractors and consumers.
STEEM Blockchain. The use of blockchain STEEM will generate income for the repair of Bob, as described in the white paper blockbain STEEM.
Escrow Services. For transactions where the parties would like to use escrow service, Bob’s Repair will get a fee of 1.5 percent of the service the funds deposited in the escrow. For escrow services, Bob’s Repair will utilize blockchain technology to ensure that the project milestones, reviews, and related data is stored in tamper-proof format.
Third-Party Services. To generate revenue and provide further benefits to contractors and consumers, Bob’s Repair will provide loans, insurance products, financial products and services and decentralized for contractors and consumers.

Growth Strategy
Bob’s Repair plan to recruit contractors from 100 local and regional market top before the U.S. pursuit of international growth.

To spread the news, Bob’s Repair plan to utilize the customer base of 50,000 people STWP, kriptocurrency, community and social media. Bob’s Repair was convinced that awareness will lead to growth. The contractor will respond to the benefits of the platform, such as take-home salaries higher and more control over their schedule against. Likewise, consumers will flock to a reliable reviews, lower prices, and better service. This will generate a network of contractors and consumers decentralized decentralized.

Originally, Bob’s Repair plan to recruit contractors from the 100 top metropolitan markets in the United States based on household income of the highest average before pursuing international growth.
Token BOB
BOB Tokens will display mechanism for the results of such a mechanism. BOB is a Token stock investors in Bob’s Repair. Bob’s Repair will use 50 percent of the entire quarterly profits to buy a Token BOB on the open market and then set it on fire. This ensures that the value of the Token BOB grow over time, along with Bob’s Repair that grows through the United States and internationally.

Details Of The Sale Of Tokens
Schedule Token Sales January 4, 2018
The Purchase Token Ethereum, Bitcoin, Dashcoin, Litecoin
Price 6000 Token BOB/1 ETH
The bonus is 20%-30%
The total supply of 360 million Token BOB

Frideric Prandecki-Co-founder, CEO
Alexandre Prandecki-Co-founder, COO
Todd Conley-Co-founder, CTO
Evgeniy Tatarchuk-Senior Developer
Pavel Rubin-& Blockchain Software Developer
Dr. Christina Czeschik-Growth Market Analyst and Strategy Consultant
Inventus Law-The Global Technology Law Firm
Alain Schoovers-Senior Front-end Developer
Anna Turina-Social Media & Communication Manager

John McAfee
Vitaly Pecharsky
Monty Lapica
Greg Buchan

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