BlueNote – The Energy Efficiency Protocol for a Zero Emission World

Bluenote Blockchain technology transforms traditional industries, such as the energy sector, and this can happen faster than the general public is aware of. While blockchain can help transform the energy sector, key issues remain unresolved. Over the past 10 years, the power industry has changed more than in the previous 100 years. Even governments are aware of the fact that the quality and safety of energy data can significantly improve with the help of blockchain.

Bluenote is the leading solution for blockchain technology in a world with zero carbon emissions.
Bluenote has its main mission to steer the transition to zero-emission cities, but to do so in a way that it is environmentally, economically and socially sustainable. At present, office buildings in cities are the largest source of CO2 emissions, with all the ensuing consequences. Fortunately, each building can reduce the amount of energy consumed through intelligent management, data mining and the installation of advanced energy technologies.

Real-time energy reporting.
Bluenote will launch a platform with open data and buy buildings to show exactly how reducing energy consumption leads to lower emissions and a path to a zero-emission world. Global warming, which is caused by carbon emissions, is not only the greatest problem of mankind but also a huge financial opportunity.

Bluenote protocol
The Bluenote protocol is an open, confidential, open-access network that provides easy data interchange, data services, and building analysis to open up new energy efficiency strategies in buildings.
The Bluenote protocol discloses the valuable energy efficiency information contained in the building data without exposing the raw data to alternative targets. Bluenote  It is a unique technology of distributed intelligence and data economy, which has a real application.
Bluenote protocol will use this technology not only to provide more reliable and safe energy data for its users, it also will allow everyone to use this data to develop better energy solutions.

The founder and chairman of Bluenote Michiel Frackers said: “Bluenote first solves the problems associated with the greatest pollution, and does so in a way that actually improves the financial performance of the basic real estate.” “Real estate owners, investors, governments and energy companies are constantly looking for new energy efficiency solutions and new ways to use the data that their buildings can create to save them money. We created a blockchain-based protocol to create a global network of people who want to make this industry a success. ”

About the Bnow token
Abbreviated name Bluenote: Bnow
The Bluenote Bnow token, a mediator in utilities or energy service providers, serves as a payment method and reward system as part of a decentralized protocol that provides a distributed Analysis of data in commercial buildings and energy sectors.

Bluenote will use the Ethereum-ERC20 platform
Total will be released: 12.5 billion tokens
6.25 billion tokens available for sale
Start ICO C 07.12.2018 by 31.01.2019
Bluenote tokens will be sold for ETH, BTC, USD, EUR, JPY, GBP

Bluenote Token Distribution:
Public Sale – 50% is allocated.
On the reward allocate 20%.
The founders allocate 20%.
Bluenote World AG allocates 10%.
The software allocates 30%.
On staff allocate 30%.
On marketing business and development allocate 30%.
On operations allocate 6%.
The regulatory legal framework allocates 4%.

Bluenote is a unique intellectual technology and savings that can be applied in the real world. The Bluenote protocol simplifies and accelerates the energy efficiency services market and allows building operators around the world to learn from each other how to spend less energy using distributed data mining. Unlike many blockchain projects that exist only on paper, during the year 2018 the Bluenote project tested some of the technologies in Bluenote’s commercial real estate protocol. What is important, allows anyone to take part in this new market.

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