Blue Frontiers Bring Sustainable Floating Cities to Your Country

Blue Frontiers – Hello, dear friends! Today I would like to tell you about a very interesting topic. This theme from the field of construction. Agree, because of today a lot to seep and inherently. There are many various bans. We are very dependent on the financial markets and, in General, from fluctuations in the world. Various news about the economy, the vice versa its rise. But people incur substantial losses. In the same way. not a little, it is important that the environment suffers.

After all, in the big cities there is industry and for the most part, it is an environmental contaminant on Wednesday. It should be noted that the exhaust from cars very seriously affects the environment on Wednesday. Thus, the deteriorating health of people who live in these cities. And now for a second, imagine a small settlement, in neutral waters in the Ocean as you? Interesting proposal, isn’t it? You no regulation and the same plus chic ecology without machines and factories. I think you can only dream of, imagining this object. But it has already given is not a reverie. Because the development is already underway and not one year. I would like to present to you this wonderful project called Blue Frontiers. Now I’m going to talk about him to you.

About the project:
Blue Frontiers-essentially, this project is developing floating cities. That is, to put it simply, your accommodation will be in the open sea, while the management system is decentralized, which uses Cryptocurrency finance, for the payment of all benefits. That is, in its essence, this mini State which does not depend on anyone. Blue Frontiers An interesting fact is that this project has been under development for over ten years and in doing so has made no bad success. The project team is also not simple passers-by, it includes professionals from different fields such as design, architecture, construction, finance and so forth, that is inherently very extensive project team and has serious people.

Now select the framework benefits the project.
1. One of the advantages is the ability to create various interest groups, while any limitations with respect from other people. That is, your interests will not undermine anybody, making your life as convenient as possible for you.

2. access the Internet at a new level. All the inhabitants of these towns and villages will have access to the network, while the maximum speed! This will be always in touch with the world!

3. Infrostrutkura will develop that will cause that people can all themselves provide all the necessary things you need for a comfortable life.

4. in these cities will have they are own political and economic component, which will not obey anyone, and will be based on their understandings.

The project will have its own token that is created by using the blockchain technology. This means that the economy will be the most independent. This token can be used in different stores, spending on conventional purchases, as well as entertainment. Simply put, it will build all.

Now a few words about the ICO project.
The token will be called: VAR.
Total planned: 1 000 000 000 tokens VAR.
The price of tokens will be: 1 ETH = 14 750 VAR.
Minimum sales target: 4 000 ETH.
Maximum sales target: 22 000 ETH.

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