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Bloocys – Hello, friends! Today we will talk about a project called Bloocys with each passing day the gradual development of modern technology offers us new projects and platforms that can facilitate our everyday life and make it much easier.
It is no secret that every person needs to solve problems connected with different branches of life. For this reason, it is necessary to address constantly to all kinds of narrow specialists (consultants), but with the advent of the internet, it became much easier. Now they can get advice on their problem at a distance using their mobile phone or PC. At first glance, everything looks great, but in fact, there are a number of problems that users of this kind of consultation constantly face. Long waiting for a response from a specialist is such a problem, also lack of guarantee in the professional suitability of a particular consultant.

But with the advent of technology blockchain and these problems have become solvable, through the development of the project under the name Bloocys. This project is a decentralized platform that guarantees the professional consultation of highly qualified specialists through the Internet. The platform offers to each client the individual cost and time of execution of the order, taking into account its requirements and wishes.

Platform and its features
Bloocys is today one of the most innovative platforms that can really help everyone to hire a professional to solve their problem, mainly using all the advantages of blockchain technology.
In turn, experts in various fields will be able to earn by doing additional work. We can safely say that this service is a mutually beneficial ecosystem, which all users will get profit from its use.

Bloocys has a large number of advantages, able to provide a huge audience of users worldwide access to services of professional experts in the field of jurisprudence, education, medicine, etc. Using advanced blockchain Technology, namely smart contracts, the platform creates a new model of tokenization and decentralization. Bloocys has a video service online, a review of each specialist and options to provide expert services. Any user will be able to find for example a lawyer for the conclusion of any contract, a teacher to study a subject remotely. The service provides its users with the round-the-clock operation, thus giving additional income to many experts.

Users interact directly with each other without any third parties. Each thoroughly specialist is checked (certificates, licenses) in order to avoid fraudulent operations in the future. The platform also has its own rating of specialists. In the event that the user does not have a certified document, the Bloocys platform will provide a scoring system to evaluate the services, helping customers to be confident while hiring a specialist, by examining its rating on the platform.

Blockchain will also provide an opportunity to create a transparent and secure system in which people can trust each other. All these operations will be recorded in the blockchain, such as user rewards, all transactions between them, which is the compartment will ensure the avoidance of disputes.

How does it work?
For example, a specific user needs to consult a narrow specialist to conclude a purchase agreement for an item. It is registered on the Bloocys platform, and it is provided with a personal account and a crypto-wallet, then buys CYS tokens and places the corresponding order. At this time funds are debited from his account. This is done to ensure that the specialist in this matter to issue that he will receive a guaranteed payment for his consultation. They then discuss the issue via online video and then the Expert Advisor lists the tokens. The most interesting thing is that users from around the world can interact with each other.
 A wide range of services for all professionals.
 Real-time video conferencing mode
 Transparent transactions with the use of smart contracts, excluding interactions with third parties, which ultimately brings to a decrease in the cost of services rendered.
 The service makes recommendations to its users which experts can use on the basis of a rating system. This will facilitate the search for a specific quality expert.
 Controversial situations are decided by an independent judge who is an anonymous person with the highest rating on the platform in a particular area of knowledge. On the basis of his opinion the decision on this situation is put forward.
 The platform is available for download for smartphones and tablets based on IOS and Android.

Token Allocation Procedure-ICO
Bloocys The main currency in the ecosystem will be the CYS token, which will be used in all transactions on the platform. All transactions will be carried out through the Bloocys wallet, which will also be able to help buy and sell the token.
At the moment there is a presale.
Token: CYS
Standard: ERC-20
Presell: September 01, 2018-October 31, 2018
Main sales: November 01, 2018-January 31, 2019
Total will be released: 1 billion CYS
Total will be allocated for all rounds of sales: 40% of total
Softcap: 5 million USD
Token Price: 1 CYS = 0.1 USD
Deposit: ETH
Rating-4.5 Icobench

The token for the team will be locked for 18 months and for advisors for 6 months. The reserve fund will be aimed at the development of the project and the liquidity of the token for future funding.

The Bloocys platform is an effective solution for many users around the world, providing them with the most convenient service for finding experts in a particular area of life, which will eventually be able to save significantly Strength and time to the client. In turn, this service is a real way of earning additional income for specialists in various fields.

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