Blockchain Powered Ecosystem of Total Health

NanoHealthCare – Healthcare system Noncommunicable diseases (NCDs), also known as chronic diseases, are common in all age groups, in all regions, and in all countries. Tens of millions of people in the world die every year from NCDs. Rapid and unorganized urbanization, the globalization of unhealthy lifestyles, the aging population are factors that contribute to the development of these diseases. Although NCDs have been in existence for several decades, the number of people who suffer and die from these diseases is growing year after year! It follows that the reason is not absence or presence of advances in medicine, and accessibility of health care system for people.

The problems of the health system are of a systematic and technological nature.
Systemic problems are related to the reactivity of the current health systems. What does that mean? Mainly the symptoms are treated, not the cause of the disease, there is no preventive treatment. Poor equipment that does not allow people to offer long-term care. Most of the healthcare Solutions focus on emergency care. Providers are not stimulated to provide continuous, consistent and coordinated care to patients.

Technological problems of the health system are related to fragmentation, lack of data interchange, protection of information and confidentiality, integration of medical and health data, transaction costs, a complex of accounts and claims.
For example, fragmentation means that health care providers work in isolation from each other, with little or no interaction. Each one focuses on the study of a single disease, with no medical assessment of the individual as a whole. Medical data is scattered and inaccessible, and getting important information about a complete medical care is a problem.

Nanohealthcare Token (NHCT) is an ecosystem based on blockchain that aims to personalize health care for the individual and to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the existing health care system. The ecosystem works by connecting payers, users, and vendors on one panel, and the three protocol is used to manage the financial system between the members.
NHCT is supported by Nanohealth, which was established in 2014 after its founders won the prestigious Hult Award and received recognition of the Clinton Global Initiative for the best solution to combat noncommunicable diseases.

For four years Nanohealth has managed to improve and control NCDs such as diabetes, hypertension, and obesity for more than 75 000 people. They are now striving to scale their platform to Blokchejne in order to offer it globally in a decentralized manner throughout the health sector. The NHCT ecosystem uses blockchain Ethereum and Hyperledger, as well as intelligent contract functions that provide a high level of security and confidentiality.

The NHCT ecosystem uses the following properties inherent in blockchain technology:
1. Improved data protection and security through decentralized data storage.
2. Standardized unimpeded exchange of data through distributed registers.
3. Integration of applications and tools using intelligent contracts.
4. Encourage interaction based on the use of tokens, to create high-quality medical and health data sources.

The NHCT ecosystem is built on a unique three-tier token structure. These are tokens NHCT, Warma, and Wawa, each of which represents a certain level of proven activity.
How do I earn tokens?
Wawa is a basic token in the NHCT ecosystem and is earned by burning human calories (proof of care). The amount of payments Wawa will be adjusted for each person depending on his health condition. Wawa can be earned by recording calories burned in the NHCT fitness application. Warma is a second-level token in the Nanohealth token structure and requires social proof of activity. It can be earned by burning calories with other users in the ecosystem or with the help of a medical trainer. Unlike Wawa, to earn Warma, the action must be tested by a third party in the Nanohealth ecosystem. NHCT is a premium token and the main currency in the ecosystem. It can be used to pay for goods and services for health.

Users can convert Wawa and Warma to NHCT if they improve their health or maintain good health. This must be proven by downloading medical data from any of the proven healthcare providers/diagnoses. The user can additionally earn NHCT by participating in the exchange of health information, for example, clinical trials, research programs. You can convert Wawa & Warma to NHCT by providing updated medical data, improving health and maintaining good health

User ecosystem
The ecosystem application has a mobile and web interface. Users are patients, providers of health and wellness services, pharmaceutical and insurance companies, employees and managers of corporations, who occasionally need reliable medical data. Users can exchange messages, patients communicate directly with suppliers, have access to support groups and clinicians, as well as their own health data, which are not available to third parties. In addition, users earn tokens by taking part in any number of activities that promote and support their health.

Token Unit-Token nano healthcare
Token type-ERC20
Soft cap- $1.000.000
Hard cap-$9.000.000
Total tokens- (1 billion).
Base Price-$0.032
Available for sale tokens-35% of the total number of tokens.

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