BLOCKBANK – The First Bank Licensed Blockchain Completely

BLOCKBANK The development of the financial world is being digeliat, let alone the crypto world currencies. It is characterized by high price of Bitcoin as one of the world’s major currencies of crypto. And from then on have a good effect on other crypto currency development. Including the new token comes later with a variety of features.
So here I will discuss a little about the BlockBank that has the good progress in the future. Because the BlockBank is the first bank which has a full license at blockchain.
This was much used by various companies to plunge also in this world. Including BlockBank who have read the very significant market movements. Market demand will be very high and crypto are not many companies that could be acomodations

Advantages Of The Project BlockBank
If you have high interest to the project BlockBank, you are really a genius. Because there are at least 6 benefits you can get when following this project:

1. Transparency and Reliability
Any change that is in the BlockBank, including transactions in it will be public and visible to everyone. This is because the BlockBank basing everything on Blockchain technology. And this also makes it completely transparent.
In addition, in blockchain, not everything can be lost. We know technology blockchain that offer reliability. Anything done in BlockBank cannot be changed as you wish, deleted or restored. This means that everything happens with the agreement.

2. Low cost
Unlike conventional bank that every transaction has a lot of pieces, BlockBank can eliminate everything, including third-party costs are quite high. BlockBank has been making all potentially cost-effective

3. The speed of Transactions
As revealed, if we use the services of conventional Banks, usually any transaction will take a long time for days. Especially if we meet the working holiday.
But all of that you won’t find in BlockBank, because every transaction will only take a few minutes. And it also will not reduce the work hours are limited. Everything is processed in 24 hours.
Keep Your Privacy
Crypto wallet using the address BlockBank to perform all transactions, and it is also possible to record in one book. In addition, the crypto wallet address consists of a series of random characters will keep your privacy because the address will not be associated with a specific individual.

5. Security and integrity
Blockchain is a technology that is maintained by many people and have high integrity to it. That means no one can affect the transaction you do so cause of cheating with the transaction wrong and wrong.

6. High quality Data
With the use of blockchain technology, the data will be recorded every lengkan, consistent, timely, accurate, and will be available to anyone.
Like other banks, BlockBank also offers loans to its clients. But that advantage is different and BlockBank is the Crypto first Bank indemnity with the token BBRT and actual assets. And this allows the borrower to draw the loan after the consent token deposits in BB. This is very profitable because the token will always experience a turnaround and demand that could ensure a rise in the value of the token.
In addition to the procedure for granting loans, BlockBank also have an offer of cooperation is good and profitable for investors, partners and clients.
Join the Project BlockBank
You can support this project and make a profit with sales by joining the BlockBank token. Generally, the token sales will be divided into 3 stages: presale, pre-ICO, and ICO. See the following implementation of map:


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