BitStash #1 Marketplace to Buy and Sell products with Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency

BitStash Blockchain technology can be represented as a Prozrachnujuja digital book of transactions and records that cannot be changed or deleted. By offering opportunities and ways to ensure the increased security of information, reduce costs and commissions, speed and resilience to errors, blockchain has gained immense popularity by 2017, causing a growing list of companies, industries and Government bodies studying its possible application in their fields. In this article, we will look at a project designed with this remarkable architecture and once again make sure of its power.
About the project
Bitstash is a crypto market (P2P) that will allow buyers and sellers to purchase or exchange goods or services. The aim of the project was to create a secure trading platform, which will host exceptionally honest and high-quality offers.

Bitstash will be a simple and reliable marketplace, allowing users to freely interact with each other without intermediaries, as well as without fear for the safety of their funds secured by the escrow system and smart contracts. When This can and should be paid in the market with the help of cryptocurrency.
The participants of Bitstash will be created a personal secure purse for BTC and ETH with a system of factor authentication, with which it will be possible to pay for goods and services, as well as accept transfers to cryptocurrency from any point of the world in a few minutes, not Recourse to the services of intermediaries.

The result is a completely working platform, which is already in full operation!
I would like to mention some of the features of the Bitstash platform:
 Secure transactions and fair disputes
Each platform transaction is placed in the Secure Escrow System until the order has completed status.
 Easy Order Management
Thanks to Blokchejnu, all information about orders and transactions is accessible and transparent, so you can easily track their status
 Choice of convenient delivery options
Sellers have the right to set delivery places, prices, and delivery options, as well as to determine the conditions of return of goods.
 The ability to earn and dispose of cryptocurrency
On the platform, you can accept payments for goods and services in the form of cryptocurrency, which will be stored on a secure personal purse, and easily dispose of if desired.
And what is the difference between the competition?
 Lowest Market prices
Thanks to P2P architecture, the platform managed to achieve the lowest prices for goods due to the lack of mediation. In this case, sellers will pay a commission of 3% of the order, which is also a low rate.
 Possibility to place advertising
If desired, advertisers can buy advertising space for an internal platform token by promoting their product and saving on marketing fees.
 Dispute resolution and refund Center
The security of user tools is the platform’s priority. The distrust of cryptocurrency is large enough, so to convince users of the reliability of this method of payment, a system of depositing has been introduced.

About the token and the ICO project
The STASH token (ERC20), which builds the entire platform economy, is used to directly pay for goods and services, pay commissions and platform services, pay for advertising space, and is an investment tool.

Here are the details of ICO:
Now passes the pre-sales stage, which lasts until the end of June 2018.
The main sales phase will then begin.
Token: Bitstash
Symbol: STASH
Token issue : 36 000 000 000 STASH
Token value: 1 ETH = 600 000 STASH
There is also a special system of bonuses.

STASH token holders will receive quarterly deductions from the Platform Commissions (10%) and will also have advantages when paying for tokens and the ability to trade them on stock exchanges after the ICO.

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