BITRUST Simple & Easy to Use Cryptocurrency Insurance Platform

BITRUST Blockchain technology continues to develop and market the cryptocurrency growing and we couldn’t be more thrilled about it. This not only represents a significant technological breakthrough in the architecture of data and in terms of security provides network distribution or decentralized, but we also get the feeling that the big movement is taking place globally. BITRUST aims to promote the involvement of blockchain technology in our everyday life by reducing the risks associated with an investment in cryptocurrency, thus enabling new projects and has already There are to thrive for the benefit of the entire system

The core problems faced by potential investors when considering an investment in cryptocurrency is the increased risk of the loss in value of certain altcoin. Cryptocurrency market is thriving, with more than 1,380 cryptos circulating currency. According to The Business Insider, Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) raised over USD 3.5 bn in 2017. However, the entire market suffers from a lack of transparency, oversight regulations that limited due diligence, that bad against investors, and there is no basic forms of protection of investors. As a result, the value of altcoin is not governed by anyone other than the market and its participants, who are involved in the process of buying and selling on the Exchange platform. Extreme conditions it creates huge volatility, which puts many potential investors from buying a currency and, consequently, support the movement of technology blockchain.

The insurance market is BITRUST cryptocurrency peer-to-peer (P2P) affordable, decentralized, easy to use based on the Ethereum, technology contract-smart utilizes blockchain. The goal of BITRUST is to be affordable to retail digital currency investors with a trading volume of a monthly average of between $100 and $100,000.
The Main Features Of BITRUST
 Desentralisasi-the Foundation of the platform is BITRUST cryptocurrency insurance Exchange system and the decentralized clearing transactions eliminate the possibility of fraud and the risk of a single-point-of-failure and prevent the system from regulation external.
 Anonim-BITRUST did not ask any personal data because we believe that the opportunity to manage Your assets and your own trade must not be affected by who you are.
 intuitive and easy to use User Interface platform-UI insurance cryptocurrency BITRUST is one of the most simple and easy to use that you’ll ever see at crypto world. It is our priority from the beginning to make our products as easy as possible for users sent us and us. We were inspired by the application and the best mobile banking service, so you feel the familiar working with BITRUST platform.
 up class-Security Technology based on intelligent Ethereum contract blockchain, which is the basis of cryptocurrency insurance BITRUST platform, ensuring that all your data will be safe and that no one can cheat and take over your assets.
How Does BITRUST Work?
Because BITRUST is a platform of insurance cryptocurrency distributed peer-to-peer, intelligent BITRUST contract can involve two or more counterpart. For simplicity, we use the following terms: those seeking insurance is the buyer (B-side), and they are willing to insure their so-called seller (S-side).

1. B-side put an offer on the BITRUST platform to make sure certain positions:
 Insure against ETH ($100 value) drop the price by 30% against the BTC for 96 hours (based on a specified index).
2. With or without specific requirements:
 are willing to pay in the currency of the digital equivalent of $5 as insurance.
 Claims equivalent to $15 if the price drops to $70 or lower.
3. S-side is probably only one seller or group of sellers, which can be:
 Accept terms proposed by b-side.
 Or make deals behind the proposed requirement that the amended slightly.
Suppose that both parties agree to the terms and have locked the amount agreed upon in the contract smart BITRUST. B-side lock is equivalent to $5 (insurance costs) and the key S-side equivalent to $15 (insurance agencies). Smart contracts total BITRUST is equivalent to $20:

Scenario 1:
 After 96 hours, the duration of the contract is approved, the token BITRUST ETH down 30% against the BTC.
 Smart Contract BITRUST implement the deal agreed upon in advance and send the equivalent of $20 (minus 0.1% fee) to the side-B: $5 $15 plus insurance of the cost of the actual insurance agency, i.e. e. limiting the his exposure to the loss of 50% of the value of the digital currencies are insured.
Scenario 2:
 After 96 hours, the duration of the contract is agreed, the token BITRUST ETH is not declining in value against the BTC.
 Smart Contract BITRUST executing the deal that has been approved in advance and sends the equivalent of $20 (minus 0.1% fee) to the S-side: $5 of insurance cost plus $15 from the actual insurance agency.
 S-Side has gained the equivalent of $5 (minus 0.1% fee) and B-sides insuring against a drastic market shift.
 B-side has been uninsured at a cost of $5.
Ethereum ecosystem enables deployment of smart contracts Turing-complete is complete at the top of his blockchain. Flexibility and extensions have made token publishing standard token ERC20 became the most commonly used.
Token-based Ethereum relies on an established the Ethereum infrastructure benefitted from several features:
 safety and predictability (compared to, for example, have to run independent blockchain chain).
 the use of clients who are strong and well-supported (token based client can be managed by Ethereum Ethereum official).
 high liquidity (interchangeable with token-based Ethereum or Aether), means an easier list on exchanges with the existing infrastructure.

Details Of The Sale Of Tokens
Schedule Token Sales April 2 – May 31, 2018
The Purchase Token Ethereum
The price of a Token 10,000 BTF/1 ETH
Bonus 10%-30%
A total of 250 million Token Supply BTF

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