BitOZZ – World’s Leading Futures & Options Trading Platform

BitOZZ – And so friends, to your attention I propose to consider an interesting ico, which implies a certain platform, where futures and options trading will take place. The site is called even the world’s first full-fledged counterparty ecosystem for various crypto assets. A wide variety of solutions will be presented, both on trade and on investment issues.

Let’s highlight a few reasons why you should pay attention to Bitozz Exchange. First, all advanced types of orders include algorithmic trading, i.e. cover-order, bracket-order and other orders. You can easily hedge, speculate and at the same time can diversify your portfolio with the help of Bitozz products.

Leverage will be provided to help you. And you can also quickly and accurately perform various transactions with our native trading interface. Speaking about trading strategies, they are semi-automatic and contain some extensions and are easily configured through visualization tools and analytics. Now you can participate in trading with cryptocurrency without much risk, whether you are an institutional investor or just a beginner, or a professional trader.

Problems and Solutions
Instead of the traditional types of orders, such as “limit ” and “market order “, we will see new advanced types of orders, which will essentially facilitate the whole trading process. Though it is not realized yet, the platform Bitozz hastens and aspires to expand globally the whole market, namely, it intends to cooperate fully with hedge funds and ETF-funds. At the same time, I will present the most improved tools for the participants.

The next story is that we have a very high cost of balance relative to margin trading. Now this point will be removed through a replacement by organizing fees. All predecessors of this idea do not imply leverage in contrast to Bitozz. In addition, a unique resolution of one-stop-shop will be offered.

ICO Program Details
What is the uniqueness of Bitozz tokens?
1. First, it is a loyalty award, which implies 10% of the exchange profit as a reward between the holders.
2. Second, 10% of the stock profit will be used for the actual redemption of tokens. This will happen every quarter.
3. Tokens also imply a guarantee, i.e. they will be accepted as collateral for Fiat loans.
4. Now all participants will receive discounts for the very same use of Bitozz tokens.

Public sale is still closed, but soon it will be announced, so follow the information on the site and at the same time subscribe to the newsletter.

When you buy tokens, you will get even a 5% bonus.
The development is based on the protocol ERC-20
Token Cost: $0.03
General offer: 512 000 000 Bitozz
Hard CAP: 6 340 000 $
Soft Cap: 4 000 000 $
Accepted currencies for the purchase of tokens: BTC, ETH

Bitozz Having studied all aspects of this project, we can conclude that Bitozz has very big prospects. The project already has quite good performance, and it attracts a lot of attention. This is due to a promising direction and a strong team, developing BITOZZ. Therefore, take a closer look at this project and study it more detailed.
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