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Bitozz  – Hello to all interested in cryptocurrencies, trading, ICO and more! Today I will tell you about a new startup, which aims to create the most advanced and convenient exchange to trade cryptocurrencies, with the widest at the moment functional.
The name of this project is Bitozz, it is currently in development and is in the initial sale of its BOZZ token, but the project already has the MVP-minimum viable product-a minimally viable product-which is a partially working Exchange, which can demonstrate to investors interested in ICO, the basic functionality of the future product. Simply put, this is a demo version of the future crypto Exchange Bitozz, which currently employs only limit orders and only in the pair BTC-USD.
It is noteworthy that this project has rather low requirements in terms of ICO-soft cap 4 000 000 dollars, and a hard cap of only 6 000 000, which is quite unusual for ICO crypto exchanges, which usually break the bar hard cap tens of millions of dollars. This suggests that the developer plans will be implemented with a very high probability.
The token BOZZ, which is distributed now not only through pre-sale but also through the Bounty campaign and airdrop, is built on the basis of blockchain Ethereum and has the standard ERC 20. In the future, BOZZ will be used to pay commissions (as BNB token on the binance Exchange) and for loyalty program payments, according to which the creators of the exchange promise to pay 10% of their monthly income to all token holders who hold A certain amount of BOZZ on accounts within a month.
Peculiarities of the Exchange Bitozz
Bitozz  In this review, I would not like to consider the mechanisms that will ensure the security of funds on users ‘ purses, because, it is so obvious-any serious exchange, should guarantee the full protection of the funds of its users from Hacker attacks. Not only to have a good reputation among the community but also not to get under sanctions from various regulators, controlling the financial sphere.
More important are the trading instruments provided by the BITOZZ exchange – because this is the peculiarity with which this project plans to overcome competition among the many modern crypto exchanges.
In addition to the standard limit orders for the sale and purchase of cryptocurrency, which are on each modern exchange, Bitozz will be able to trade with futures and options:
1. An option is a kind of document that has a certain period of validity and which assigns to the owner the right to buy the asset in the future at the price relevant to the asset at the time of purchase of the option
2. Futures-almost the same as the option, but the difference is that the participants of the futures contract have strict obligations to make the transaction in the future, and not just the possibility of the transaction
These tools are not very suitable for beginners, but they will be very useful for professional traders, who will be able to attract the Bitozz  exchange in large quantities.
In addition, the functionality of the exchange will include: a unique interface “Point and Click”, which will allow you to make transactions at a very high speed; opportunity to diversify your portfolio in different ways; Availability of advanced analytics capabilities Semi-automatic trading strategies; A well-thought-out API that makes it easier to work with the exchange; Bank and payment gateways that simplify the exchange between the Fiat and the cryptocurrency.
Also, the creators of the Bitozz Exchange declare their intention to cooperate with major players, such as hedge funds and institutional investors, with the provision of appropriate trading instruments.

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