Bitocoin Origin World’s First Multi-Fork Meets Serverless Blockchain

Bitcoin Origin is a global and aesthetic focus platform used to manage programs accumulated and loyal at the moment. Analyzing a large number of intimate client programs using different points, developers do not find a good practice. This will directly harm the user, the loyalty program will not be successfully deployed and accountability to the company will increase.
In addition to reliability and low transaction costs, BITCOIN ORIGIN provides more reasonable results for users and partners, using the technology of blocking chains to remove from the middle. Bitcoin Origin allows Stakers to create profit-like exploits that do not incur a cost, greater power consumption and other hazards related to the operation of the Proof-of-work traditions.

Origin Bitcoin aims to create Penta-fork for the first time in the world of the electronic coins (PoW) leading. The owner of each coin divided to be awarded the Origin Bitcoin corresponds to the US dollar value (USD) of the initial amount held by 5 cents.

Green target
Environmentally friendly blockchain and Coin production

The release has been classified and the whitelist
The origins of Bitcoin will be released by installments, in a structured manner, to ensure organic growth and prevent whales or large institutions from the ORI code without a payload on partner exchanges. To request your original Bitcoin card, owner Bitcoin, bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Dash will need to take on the Allow list by using our easy to use Ownership authentication tool.

Origin Bitcoin is self-funded
The founding team Bitcoin experienced real trust in the project and so did his capital set threatened. Origins Bitcoin has been fully funded in the house so far and no ICO is scheduled for this project.

Bitcoin Origin allows Stakers to create profit-like exploits that do not incur a cost, greater power consumption and other hazards related to an operation of the Proof-of-work traditions.
Aside from the master stake ecosystem that gave birth, Bitcoin Origin has also included a few other benefits for validators.
1 A small percentage of each block reward will be locked into a smart contract that will, over time, build into a considerable pot of coins.
2 All participants will have an equal chance of unlocking the gold Easter eggs with each block addressed, including the annual pool rewards.

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