BitNautic The cruise industry is the backbone of globalization and international trade. Transport by sea plays a major role in the industry and the people of the world, allowing the transport of large quantities of raw materials and processed, as well as food, water and technology products.
Trade by sea continues to grow, bringing benefits to consumers around the world through competitive transportation costs. Thanks to the increased efficiency of shipping as a mode of transportation and increased liberalization of the economy, the prospect of further industrial growth continued to be strong.

There are more than 50,000 merchant ships which traded internationally, transporting any type of cargo. The world fleet registered in more than 150 countries and crewed by more than a million sailors in virtually every State.

The ship is technically sophisticated, high-value assets, and operating merchant ships generate an estimated annual income of more than half a Trillion Dollars in the price of shipping.
Introducing BitNautic
From the experience of our founder, which is confirmed by the survey and report, we know the significant challenges faced by the maritime industry.

BitNautic overcoming challenges with an open decentralized platform which will allow all stakeholders, such as importer, exporter, shipper, ship owners, operators, and agents to come on the same page and negotiate their own terms, therefore, avoid long chains which appear due to the involvement of several parties. All this will happen with the security and transparency of the blockchain.
Delivery, The Way It Should:
 Global
 Reliably
 Secure
 easy to use
 Smart
 Transparent
 Cheap
 multi-currency

BitNautic Decentralized Application Will Have The Following Features:
Cargo booking system -BitNautic Cargo booking system is built to meet the needs of importers and exporters today.
 Ship brokerage-System BitNautic is a system of real-time ship broker that allows operators and ship owners to register their ships, update your location, and thus get shipping instructions and find new customers.
 Consolidated Cargo-the sender and the ship owners (Operators) will be able to list the specific opportunities for consolidation of shipment.
 Wholesale E-Commerce-BitNautic offers its users the possibility to advertise and trade wholesale goods.
 Escrow services-BitNautic offers a special Escrow service. When the buyer to initialize the transaction escrow, his BTNT token is locked in a contract. After the buyer, the seller’s obligations are met confirm that he can issue funds to the seller. BitNautic, acting as agents of the Escrow, oversaw the transaction. In case of dispute, the Escrow Agents can intervene and return the money to the buyer, or release the funds to the seller.
 BitNautic-tracking system will provide sophisticated systems and cargo tracking system for its customers. 

Token BitNutic (BTNT)
BTNT token, token ERC20, will be issued to make shipping and cargo platform built on a decentralized blockchain Ethereum and wholesale e-commerce platform based on smart contracts and the Ethereum blockchain for trade in goods and services.

ERC20 Protocol is based on a technical standard, Ethereum, and markets, which defines the interface for smart contracts that need to execute a token emission.
Details Of The Sale Of Tokens
Schedule Token Sales June 1-July 30, 2018
The Purchase Token Ethereum
500 BTNT/Token price 1 ETH
Bonus 10%-40%
A total of 50 million Token Supply BTNT

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