BITMORA Building An Exchange For The People, by The People

BITMORA is a platform of exchange of us-based crypto are set to revolutionize the way the world of digital currency exchange operations. We will bring one of the great trading platform to the market with low-cost, enterprise-class security, and a unique voting system designed to put the future exchange of cryptography in the hands of activists and users.
Our founder, Colton Brister, Elias Mansour, and Joseph Dagostino had gathered with the intention of creating exchanges not only built for the people, but by the community. Our service will provide a platform that allows the user to globally swap kriptocurrency professionally the way and help set the standard for all professional kriptocurrency trade.
Overview of Bitmora was founded in may 2017 by Colton Brister, Elias Mansour, and Joseph Dagostino. We are the business C-Corporation founded in Delaware. We are building a service that will allow users to globally swap kriptocurrency and vote on the framework of Exchange kriptocurrency on it rebuilt.
The system Cost the cost on the Exchange are not currently acceptable. Bitmora aware of the need to change this. The cost of our system will allow users to choose which they want, our first step is to control the back of our hand users.

As the demand for Bitcoin, Ethereal altcoin, and skyrocketed to the highest position of all time, the majority of the Exchange has made little or no improvement. Forced to trade in the machine with a bad Security dated customer support system and the slow, the user this Exchange has been aware of his needs repair. We are ready to provide the solution. All of our machines to our interface will set a new standard in the market that was already outdated.

We will open with over 40 currency pairs traded for crypto in our platform, with margin trading available on the first day. Network and our servers will be scalable and will have lots of failover
the engine in case of DDoS attacks. Our voting system will guarantee that every user has a voice in the decision we make as a company.

After registration, users will be given two options: fixed rate or percentage basis. Users will be able to change it at any time by contacting our support team via phone or ticket. However, the seven-day “cool down” will be utilized to prevent the abuse of expenses.
Our Rates: Fixed Price-$7 + 0.03% 0.01%/Makers Takers Percentage Based-0.24% 0.14% Takers/makers of the
Voting System , according to Bitmora, executives of crypto-kurrensial currently running Exchange them without regard to the opinion of their users. We want to change this system in over his head. Our voting system will ensure that the changes that the user thought was best for

the future of crypto is distinguished through a strict litmus test in popular opinion it burdened with the opinions of the activists bitcoin functioning as a member Gives Advice and control Bitmora. The system will work as follows:
1. Users post suggestions to one of our suggestions Board.
2. Twenty top suggestions to receive a number of votes corresponding to two of our weekly deadline will be passed to our personal voting groups.
3. If the suggestions got approval rating of 50% of the voting rights of private groups, then Advice will be submitted to a group of Influencers. In the case of a no-vote, his decision will be passed to our Influencer Group.
4. Group of Influencers we would choose what they consider to be the five most urgent/important suggestions for review by our Advisory Board. In the case of a no-vote by our Influencer, five suggestions with the most number of votes from a sound private groups we are forwarded to our Advisory Board. In the case of not choosing our personal sound by the group, the fifth suggestion with the most votes on the Bulletin Board of the original suggestions will be forwarded to our Advisory Board.
5. The Advisory Council we will give voice to each of the five suggestions, should be a suggestion received a majority vote passed, these suggestions will be forwarded to our Executive Team to final approval
6. The Executive team will:
A. Skip the advice and put the changes apply as soon as possible.
b. Lower the advice, and release a statement explaining the reason for their users, and open the side panels with the diluent and the Advisory Board to discuss the proper way to proceed.

All suggestions will be cleaned every other Friday. Users can post some suggestions, but would be faced with a 24-Hour cooling period. Suggestions can be posted several times, regardless of the outcome of their previous post. Up to the date of writing, the “number of up votes” is considered to be 5% of the total number of users, this method can be changed.

AML/KYC Bitmora will comply with regulations fully FinCEC AML (Anti money laundering)/KYC (Know Your Customer). By law we are required to report suspicious activity and collect certain customer information depends on the volume of your account. While Bitmora to understand fully the reasons behind Blockchain and anonymous networks, we still have to obey the law of the country where we serve. We will not ask for more than that required by law, and your information will not be shared with the public in any form.


Bitmora-Not Only Listen To The People, But Also Makes Their Ideas Comes Reality.

See our destinations and see what will happen in the future.
Investor Portal is complete and open to the public.
Funding is finished
Implementation of closed beta Release user suggestions
The opening of the public exchanges
The release of mobile applications
Daily volume of 1,500 + BTC
Desktop trading platform released
The daily volume of 5,000 + BTC.
According to our Bitmora merupan a platform that can be used by the users of cryptocurrency in Exchange and transaction digitan working optimally. For more mahami Bitmora readers can visit the official website bitmora below;

In this case the Bitmora will use the order-matching performance of the company. With ultra sleek architecture, the bitmora will be able to run 1 million transactions per second with some failover security officer on site. From startup Q2 bitmora 2018 will utilise cross-order book trading system,
This allows bitmora to take the volume of the other exchanges if we can’t fill the user. This will be an automated process that will make the foreign fluids in motion.

Bitmora also held a bounty program. This is a great opportunity for users. In addition to the understanding of the Bitmora we can also benefit from this gift. So for the users and participants don’t miss this wonderful opportunity.
According to our Bitmora is a platform that can be used by user cryptocurrency in the Exchange and transaction digital working optimally. For Bitmora more readers can visit the official site bitmora

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