BITGUILD Blockchain Gaming Paltform

BITGUILD – Games, because the computer has become an asset for the family, a game that accompanies it is always fun, ranging from simple to complex, from ugly to beautiful, in the game, you can become anyone, be anywhere, anytime and satisfy whatever you want. Brain to imagine. The game has always evolved over the years, and this soil has not been a shortage of new entrants. Until one day, the game is not just for fun, many people take it as a job, for example, tape, and youtuber, there are people who generate income selling items in the game, etc… They connect people,

Spreading spread to others, all these people were there and are an important part of the virtual world. But no one is perfect, money generates greed, hackers use weaknesses in the game to get dishonest, scammers steal money from the righteous, even the publisher sells a package of exclusive goods to them, layers do not have proprietary rights to the assets in the game, Because all these assets are stored on the company’s server and they have every right. Games are often spread by region and machine. This, in turn, reduces the interaction between players, most national games have to integrate multiple payment platforms from different regions.

Too much trouble
Understand the impossibility of this, some people with a desire to change reality. They brought the game Keteknologi blockchain. And the Bitguild project was born.
With the help of blockchain technology, bitguild such as an apartment where all game developers can stay there, develop ingenuity, combine it in the Bitguild system and receive patronage and utilities.
Apart from the main benefits that developers have done on traditional systems, they will include the same blockchain to create a field of interactive better.

If you use technical terms, it is difficult to communicate with you, I will use an example that is close: You play the game, you have good things, but do not use it, you want to sell it to other people, but you can not sell to people. From the same game as you, if you have an unofficial exchange in the hope of getting cash, the risk of fraud. But on the Blockchain system, your property will be marked out and fully owned by the player. They are free from what they want with their collection, including cards, select, sell duplicates, and engage in trading with other players. And now I think you know Yes!!! With an added bonus to be able to freely exchange the virtual items that they have in their spare time, without any restrictions on the developer and publisher in order to maximize profits. About game design.

Bitguild Ecosystems!!
The ICO Bitguild project is designed to apply blockchain technology to eliminate the shortcomings in the gaming industry today. Thanks to blockchain technology, I want to bitguild to reduce the cost of payments, reduce the risk of fraud and increase the interaction of the player. The Bitguild ecosystem is estimated to have six main components:

Game: This is a platform that allows the company Bitguild to work together to release the game. On the game placed on the platform, the developer is obliged to pay the cost of the slab.

Purse: Bitguild purse allows users to save the plate, Eth and erc20 others, and this asset will be displayed at the bottom of the slab, in addition to supporting the wallet, which is expected to have some digital resources out of the game.

Place on the market: it is a trading platform that allows players to change the digital assets traded on the boards on which will be free.
Community: The gaming community Bitguild will be international, not narrow in this area.
Wiring: very fast and convenient
Home design: Here is the developer to solve the problem of capital shortage. The developer can offer a plan of production of the game and recommends the community for safe Capital.


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