BITFXT; It stands out as a project that creates the ecosystem, which is the maximum of speed, transparency, reassuring and user satisfaction. In addition, it aims to bring the blockchain technology much closer to the people by producing solutions that are very easy to access and use. And they proved to everyone that they were Africa’s largest blockchain project because they reached their goal.

BITFXT; In addition to the fact that it combines bitcoin and Forex technology, they have brought a new breath to the world of finance with new ideas they have done and planned. This has made them the most preferred project in the exchange of cryptocurrency in Africa.

BITFXT coin (BXT) is a cryptocurrency distributed from a center created with a proof of the sharing algorithm. Bxt Coin is a world-class hardware infrastructure, a proprietary blockchain technology, a non-centralized, user-friendly wallet system, and an asset and technology alliance built on the network of users with a regulation-friendly KYC identity, BITFXT The value stored in the ecosystem.

They created many blockchain solutions and decided to do more on this project. The focus points are to bring blockchain technology closer to humans. Approaches are the first of its kind and are on the move to build the largest blockchain and cryptocurrency community across Africa.

So what are the features of BITFXT
 Inter-peer transactions will be presented: the BITFXT Exchange engine is direct to the person, fast and completely transparent.
 Non-limit payment facilities: Our BITFXT wallet will be completely limitless and global. It will be available to anyone anywhere in the world to pay and make purchases.
 Strong security systems: The CFID will be an insured base. This is the most secure system so far. And they promise to keep themselves up to date by following the best industry security practices.
 Easy financing will be provided: with a credit card or direct bank transfer, your existing account can be easily deposited with your fiat currency.
 Wallet: within a single application; Shopping, clearing, buying and storing are available.
 Cellar Mining Operations: Use the COIN Vault to receive the BXT token. And these procedures will be extremely easy and profitable.

BITFXT change: Our change was designed to be the best and first example of its kind. Exchange for both the learned and the unlearned. Intuitive and easy to use. Users can fund their accounts seamlessly and easily withdraw. This is the cheapest crypto-currency exchange in terms of wages.

BITFXT Cointracker: Bitfxt Cointracker is a sophisticated cryptocurrency, currency and news monitoring software. It solves a big problem in crypto space. BITFXT Cointracker users can keep tabs on every activity on the money market market., news, various assets they make on various other exchanges, without having to log into their accounts. This is incredibly up-to-date because of all the information. Real-time.

The situation right now
BXT currency is a payment token as well as a stock exchange token. BITFXT can be used to pay for all fees in the ecosystem. It also functions as a feeling in the hands of owners. This team at the beginning of the project; It consists of developers and enthusiasts of the passionate fintech/blockchain who are committed to seeing a more transparent and secure ecosystem.

What is bitfxt Token information?
Token abbreviation: BXT
Price: 1 ETH = 1,000 bxt
Token to be sold: 14 million
Total Tokens: 20 million
Platform: Ethereum (ERC20)
Softcap: 2,000 ETH
Hardcap: 5,000 ETH
Minimum Investment: 0.01 ETH
Accepted payment method: BTC, ETH, LTC

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