BitConsciousas we know, that cryptocurrency or digital currencies are rising and to meet a new civilizationin the era of the digital future. Echoes of big crypto makin culminated in October when the exchange ratereached 82 million rupiah Bitcoin/1 BTC. really fantastic isn’t it?

Meningginya price bitcoin caused more and more people who need botcoin semntara bitcoin is available in limited quantities so that nilainnya increases tremendously.bitcoin as the first cryptocurrency in the worldcan be taken as a sign that the expensive rate bitcoin is a sign that the trend is increasing and its futurecrypto very resounding

Positive trends shared by crypto made a lot of


 new ideas in the applicable to support crypto token. One of the interesting emerged from BitConscious. BitConscious is acharity which decentralized platforms usingadvanced technology blockchain. You are definitely curious about BitConscious, let’s discuss thoroughly thisBitConscious

What Is A BitConscious?

BitConscious Foundation is a platform that uses smart technology and sophisticatedblockchain forcharitable purposes are decentralized. BitConscious provides a cost-effective solution for purposes ofcharitable activities. BitConscious tried to make a new step in the digital world to give charity to benefitglobal world with base and facilitate decentralized on a contributor to charities. BitConscious will ensuregreater transparency, no transaction costs, instant settlement, direct interaction with the pemyumbangfunds and charitable sector data security.A feature

shared by BitConscious


BitConscious will give you a lot of convenience and high transparency …. between the contributory Fundwith the recipient of the funding. In addition, coverage in do byBitConscious is a vast global world so many people in need will be helped by easy through BitConscious

This follows the features owned by BitConscious:

  1. Transparency ensured through decentralized ledger allows to keep track of donations made andenhanced by the reporting system that is integrated into the Platform.
  2. Transfer the donations through technology blockchain maintained and owned only by the user so as to reduce the costs associated.
  3. Platform eliminates the need for third-party agency contracted, involving contractcosts are high, and the risk of involvement in unethical practices. This platform increases the direct interaction betweendonors and done for free
  4. Transfer the donation through the traditional money transfer system takes many days to be processed.Blockchain allows the transfer resolved quickly, which is very important for those who need.

How do I join BitConscious?

Purchase Tokens will be available at For ICO You will be able to buy a Token BTCF via a direct transfer of the ETH (the amount of the minimum purchase is 1 BTCF). Please review all the risks associated with the purchase of BTCF Tokens listed in the Agreement the Token. Do not send the Aether(“ETH“) directly from the exchange of kriptocurrency, only a wallet that is compatible with the ETH is recommended.

ICO = 4 (9:00 am GMT) from October 4th (6:00 pm GMT) in November [ICO End]

Visit the official BitConscious to find out more about their big idea at:

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My Ethereum Address: 0xD25856D7408b6b4C6918165424ac9A5B75Ac26fE