BITCOMO The Next Generation Of Performance Marketing in Digital Advertising

BITCOMO The rise of the digital marketing industry produced many advertising model which allows publishers to earn money by generating traffic. However, it soon became clear that the model pay per click (PPC) that appears likely to be experiencing cheating, with entities of the system plays to the advantage of their own. Advertisers are willing to pay, but only for a specific prospect or sales generated. This allows them to optimize their marketing budget and significantly increase the effectiveness of the ads.

Model pay per click (PPC) outdated proved to be highly vulnerable to the fraud clicks from the Publisher. Advertisers can not control or affect the fact that they can be shown to people outside of their target audience. Furthermore, advertisers are not sure whether they are getting the best value for money, so that inefficiencies across the Board.

CPA network is the ideal solution to address the problem is endemic. This is the affiliate marketing network where both parties are interested in the quality of the ads because advertisers only pay publishers if the conversion. This may include users who perform specific target actions (register at the website, fill in the form of subscription, purchase a product) and the advertiser does not pay publishers for other activities.

Bitcomo is an affiliate marketing network that is decentralized. The new paradigm provided by blockchain technology is ideal for online advertising, because it allows companies to analyze better data collected from web users. This gives them the opportunity to precisely target the audiences in a big way with much lower costs compared to traditional marketing tools.

CPA affiliate marketing network Bitcomo are fully performance-based. This means that advertisers pay only when they see the results and internet marketers are rewarded for individual visitors or customers gained through their own marketing efforts. This method gives the incentive and reward to publishers and advertisers.

The purpose of this project is to create an affiliate marketing network that is completely resistant to the cheating ads and payment problems. Bitcomo is business model by blockchain technology and evidence and transparency that can not be changed that assumption. This ensures the security of any user data, while simplifying the interaction between the two. Blockchain also removes unnecessary intermediaries between companies and their target audiences. With little steps that connect advertisers and their prospective clients, companies can invest their advertising budgets with a more expedient and profitable.

For Advertisers
Pay a small Commission per lead provided (only 5%). He did not lose money for transactions and conversions. Advertisers are safe from fraudulent activity

For Webmaster
Protected from advertisers who are not honest. Receiving payments promptly, and the cost of remuneration for lead is much higher than in Traditional CPA. Have access to statistics that cannot be faked

For The CPA Networks
Protected from losing traffic and hacking of penyintas. Cheating is excluded from advertisers and webmasters. No need to maintain a staff Manager. Payment to the webmaster is done automatically. Work on distributed platforms.

Token Bitcomo (BM)
Token BM will form a digital currency for marketers advertising that will interact with CPAS in the future. We will offer a token BM as a means to pay all advertising campaigns in the network and serves as a mechanism to make every user actions transparent. In particular, the token BM will be used to pay for actions such as sales, advertising, ads-click click overlapping and the serving of banner ads.

Along with the development of the project, additional opportunities for our CPA network will be aimed at improving comfort and efficiency. Participants will be able to use the tokens to pay for these benefits, over and above to the main features provided by Bitcomo. Token BM can be exchanged for real money and disbursed, but to motivate investors to store their token in the Bitcomo platform, we will offer a range of additional benefits.
Token BM used to buy services platform. Since the beginning of this project focus on market ICO and we are ready to offer our service to other novices but with payments on their token as well.

Decentralized management system, the relationship between the holder of a token with the ICO
In addition to the possibility of changing the VM token, using the Bitcomo network functionality, all the founders, depositors, and participants of the network are entitled to influence the work of the project and make their proposals to improve the development and progress Bitcomo

The choice of developer is brought to the internal platform ICO, Metahash, represented in the form of voting open type.

In order to be as efficient as possible, the DAO model is the creator of projects using the principles of decentralized company to manage itself. To make a global decision on the issue of project management, voting opened, notifications are received by all investors and holders of a token — makes it possible to discuss in real time “here and now” all the controversial issues that show up and Make an objective decision

All points of voting proposed by the organizers of the project Bitcomo, while maintaining the principle of the most up-to-date voting.

According to the same principle the Blockchain operator Metahash, which assumes for all owners of Koinov the passage of such stages:

To verify the user and participate in the voting process, it isTransaction in the amount of 0.0001 token of the VM;
The participant’s voice is registered;
The transaction amount is automatically returned to the owner’s balance.

Details Of The Sale Of Tokens
Schedule Token Sales Pre-ICO: October 28 – December 5, 2017
ICO: 16 Februai 2018
The Purchase Token Ethereum, Bitcoin
The price of a Token 1 BM = $0.30

Ivan Karadzhov-co-founder of Bitcomo (CEO AdPop)
Tuan Anh-Southeast Asia markets manager
Lavrentios Penklidis-Head of Public Relations Department
Artem Kravchenko-Marketing Director
Nick Evdokimov-Blockchain Advayzer | The CEO of and
Alina Angheluta-LATAM and EU markets manager
Ekaterina Kozhina-US Asian and Pacific markets manager
Alina Yakubenko-CIS market manager
Roman Dubina-Bitcomo Platform Developer
Elena Merkulova-CIS market manager
Alexandra Eltysheva-Head of publishing department
Dmitriy Fedotov-Latam market manager

Constantin Gorshkov-CEO | Managing Partner
Gleb Nikitin-CEO of MediaSniper and TraceChain Protocol Inventor
Oleg Dronov-Director | Associate Consultant
Maksim Mukhortov-co-founder of AdNow
Sergey Raylyan-Bitcomo Smartcontract developer | TraceChain Protocol Inventor

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