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Bitcoin Atom addresses the issue that is currently gripped by the most famous Blockchain in the world. Of course it is Bitcoin. Bitcoin has since emerged from the scene, do the revolution, because it has got rid of the mediator of the whole story, the fact that the transaction is instant and not expensive to have occurred, and an inability to fight off the currency. All this inspired expansion we now see.
We believe that most of the trade kriptocurrency should be done on on-chain with a decentralized way, in accordance with the original Bitcoin approach to Transact in an environment with absolutely no faith.
Bitcoin Atom (BCA) presents how a truly decentralized to Exchange digital assets — with the exchange of Atomic chain on board. By using the built-in hash time-lockedcontract (HTLCs) and fire his own HTLC Bitcoin Atom tries to disrupt our way of exchanging kriptocurrencies today, provides for freedom of the provider and a centralized entity.
Blockchain: Revolution
creating an error right in the world. Slowly the news about crypto currency appears in the mainstream media. More and more people want to attend this revolutionary event not seen every day. Blockchain technology delivers tremendous progress in a process that we know today, changing every aspect of the business and the lives we live. Has been recognized by people who are enthusiastic and gather in teams and are doing a startup of innovative crypto. In this way, the infrastructure is missing in the world inhabitable, but Crypto also shows the value of utilization of resources provided by this innovative technology.
What is Bitcoin Atom?
Bitcoin Atom (BCA); platform is totally decentralized to Exchange digital assets with the exchange of Atomic chains in the ship. Bitcoin Atom holds an important role in the life of an investor who tries to sell and buy their stuff at the same time. Many major stock exchanges have agreed not to enter the verification process and send the BCA for commercial purposes directly to currency exchange crypto that is not completely trusted by third parties. This means that currently the BCA has opened a large flare. Bitcoin Atom platform (BCA) is one of the most important goals for removing the transaction intermediary and money exchange transactions. Bitcoin Atom seems to surprise us with a lower transaction rates than all other systems were found.
How does BitAtom:
BitAtom claims to offer “investment solutions” that has been put together by the industry “Veterans”. Somehow, the Veterans of this industry has been able to outsmart the other people in the industry of crypto-kurrensial investment by creating solutions that generate profit per hour that is consistent for the rest of your life.
BitAtom offers three core investment product. The more money you give to the company, the more Your rich:
0.4% Per hour, every hour, guaranteed, for the Rest of your life: an investment of at least 0.001 BTC
0.47% Hourl y, per hour, guaranteed, for the Rest of your life: 10,001 minimal investment of BTC
0.5% Per hour, every hour, guaranteed, for the Rest of your life: minimal investment 25,001 BTC
If you count them, the company did refund ads of 4380% at the highest plan (not considering modeling interest). It is ridiculous for any investment company to be made-and this is a clear signal that is a scam
The Main Benefit Of The Atomic Pile On Top Of A Centralized Stock:
Better Trades
Stop delay (caused by loss of deposit/withdrawal, server downtime, etc.)
RETENTION of your private key, to prevent the possibility of losing Your coins (i.e. Mountain Gox).
MINIMIZE the potential for security breaches.
Keep your personal identity (without verification process).
DECENTRALIZE the entire trading process so it is peer-to-peer.
Reduce the cost of trading is minimal as possible.
The bonus to the holder of the Bitcoin

All holders of the Bitcoin has the private key at the time of the fork (block number TBA) will accept Bitcoin Atom costing 1 BTC = 1 BCA. You need to be in control of theprivate key of your Bitcoin to claim and Transact Bitcoin atoms.
Atom is bitcoin fork blockchain Bitcoin main Protocol with upgrades that will occur in mid-December (block number TBA). On the number of blocks that have been defined, the original block of the BTC will be attached to the BCA, and any transactions made since then will be completely separate network Bitcoin and Bitcoin atoms. Then, the Atom will be living in Bitcoin mainnet and become fully functional crypto.
Ticker Symbol:
Maximum RATE: 21 million
Distribution: Mining, Minting, Claiming
PoW: SHA256 Algorithm
PoW Block interval: 10 minutes
Post Block Interval: 10 minutes
Block size (actual): 1 m (2–4 m)
Adjustment difficulty: 2 weeks
Confirmation time Tx average: 5 minutes
Atomic Exchange: Yes
Segwit: Yes
Re-protection: Yes
A unique address format: Yes
Team Atom Bitcoin develop special built-in toolkit designed to swap atoms in chain and track off-line, that lets you quickly and easily switch to cryptothermy in various chains. In the year 2018, planned to launch a lightning chain emergency friction.
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