BITCOIN ATOM This is a new type of digital asset exchange with Exchange of Atomic chain on the chain. They create a bitcoin actually decentralized. We know that Bitcoin has made revolutionary changes, there are more things to be worked on and improved. Project founder Bitcoin Atoms want to overcome some of the problems that afflict Bitcoin. This is a project with blockchain technology. This project focuses on allowing people to use more kriptocurrency. In the decentralized system is all transparent and will regain confidence in the old system that had they lost. All this is possible with the technology blockchain. There are many new projects to come, but do they really give something better or not? That’s why different Atoms Bitcoin.

We know that transaction costs are too high, the transaction was too slow, no registration or poor user support. That’s why we need a Bitcoin Atom because it is an elegant solution to our problems. There are too many users accessing a crypto platform at the same time, more and more users come in every day and the server can not do everything at once. They slow down all operations on the server. There are too many users and new requests at once. The new user was rejected in some stock, but with Bitcoin Atom you don’t have this problem. Bitcoin Atom and his team will improve the speed of the transaction, which is very important. Many of the exchanges is still centralized, and that is not what happens on the blockchain technology, because it does not make sense. Therefore, the new Exchange is different because of the didesentralisasi. Don’t worry, you’re safe because you’re using a hybrid of both models Work Certificate (POW) and Pile Proof (post). If you are the owner of the Bitcoin holds the key to their personal branch at the time, you will receive a 1 Atom Bitcoin BTC = 1 BCA. This will bring the revolutionary things in this field. All this is possible with the technology blockchain. Blockchain platform not only provides control information that is authoritative but also transactions quickly and accurately.

BitcoinAtom talking about the issues that are now gripped by the world’s most famous Blockchain. Obviously it is Bitcoin. Bitcoin has since risen from the scene, change, having been cast out those middle of the overall story, such as the time and economic exchanges have taken place, and powerlessness to oppose the cash. The largest part of these Musings is the extension that we see today.

BitcoinAtom (BCA) serves the approach really decentralized to trade asset-forward with trade chain particles on the ship. By leveraging contract hash time-bolt implisitnya (HTLC) and fire his own HTLC, BitcoinAtom tried to cross over to the way we trade the current digital cash, providing the flexibility of delegations and elements incorporated.

We believe that most cryptographic money exchange should be done in a decentralized chain, such as how to handle the first execution Bitcoin in conditions really didn’t believe it.

Nuclear Swaps (us), which is currently on-HTLC actualized through the chain and may by way of organizing off-chain Lightning (LN), delivering the ability to trade resources specifically between blockchains without middlemen included. This capability is known as molecular cross-links, and we propose a buffer Atom Bitcoin for him at its Center, by bringing US FIRE and setting utility Exchange cross programming Center Bitcoin first and bring it to the BCA.

Can fluctuate on trade incorporated was the main subject among the individuals of a group of digital money, especially with the increasing volume of Exchange and cost driven by Crypto Bitcoin. Be as it may, the talks often can be rotated around the issues facing trade clients, due to the number and quality of many facets including, and various problems that can arise.

The typical process of trading on the Exchange, third parties include the following steps:

1. registration
2. verification
3. the verification process
4. your Exchange accounts deposited
5. create reservation
6. do the withdrawal
7. withdrawal process
8. receive coins

All these steps can take a lot of time, usually from 3 to 5 business days, depending on the provider of the Exchange.
Now let’s take a closer look ugly crypto exchanges process through Atomic Swaps:
1. place your order in Your node
2. receive Your Crypto disorders

You can easily open Your ATOM BITCOIN nodes and immediately put the sell/buy order without any distractions or intermediaries.
The Main Benefit Is Swapped Atomic Stockpiles Centred

Better trades
REMOVE delay (caused by the missing deposit/withdrawals, server downtime, etc.)
RETENTION of your private key, to prevent the possibility of losing Your coins (i.e. Mountain Gox).
MINIMIZE the potential for security breaches.
Keep your personal identity (without verification process).
DECENTRALIZE the entire trading process so it is peer-to-peer.
Reduce the cost of trading is minimal as possible.
The bonus to the holder of the Bitcoin
All holders of the Bitcoin has the private key at the time of the fork (block number TBA) will accept Bitcoin Atom costing 1 BTC = 1 BCA. You need to be in control of the private key of your Bitcoin to claim and Transact Bitcoin atoms.

Atom is bitcoin fork blockchain Bitcoin main Protocol with upgrades that will occur in mid-December (block number TBA). On the number of blocks that have been defined, the original block of the BTC will be attached to the BCA, and any transactions made since then will be completely separate network Bitcoin and Bitcoin atoms. Then, the Atom will be living in Bitcoin mainnet and become fully functional crypto.

Ticker Symbol:
Maximum RATE: 21 million
Distribution: Mining, Minting, Claiming
PoW: SHA256 Algorithm
PoW Block interval: 10 minutes
Post Block Interval: 10 minutes
Block size (actual): 1 m (2-4 m)
Adjustment difficulty: 2 weeks
Confirmation time Tx average: 5 minutes
Atomic Exchange: Yes
Segwit: Yes
Re-protection: Yes
A unique address format: Yes

The project team is the result of Atomic Bitcoin professional engineers. Besides them, there are a lot of developers, designers, architects, and other marketing experts who are helping the project. Together they have the knowledge they need to master every challenge. Many projects are less aware of and various people love this project.

This project seems to be very interesting and here we have give you basic information.
The future of the Bitcoin Atom (BCA) began trading on January 12, 2018, in Yobit in, immediately followed by Exrates and other Exchange partners.
BCA current futures traded around 0.1 BTC per 1 BCA or about $1350 at the price of BTC today.
All holders of BTC who have the private key or BTC with one of our partners will accept Bitcoin 1:1 Atom (BCA) at the time of the fork (expected at block 505 888).
Bitcoin Atom (BCA) is a Segwit that enable fork Bitcoin with swapping the atom network and hybrid, the consensus of the lightning.

Bitcoin Atom (BCA) 1:1 Fork Featuring
Atomic Swap
Hybrid Consensus
Lightning Network

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