BitBose The Future Of Crypto Investments

BitBose  According to the authors, the project “Bitbose” is a new approach to the organization of the investment process with the help of crypto. The development team is going to present an innovative platform with many technical innovations. It will eliminate traditional inefficient financial sector instruments and offer a universal solution for investing free money in various projects. To exclude from the scheme of investment shortcomings of the modern approach, experts bitbose offer to use technology blockchain.

Features of the investment platform described
Unlike traditional technologies, as well as alternative options offered by other authors, the use of the investment platform “Bitbose” will have the following advantages for its participants:
 It is planned to implement the program of intellectual investment portfolio management. It will consist of several reliable assets. They will provide their owners with permanent stable passive income;
 Within the framework of the platform, it will be possible to invest cryptocurrency so that users host their assets in the “Bitbose” platform can receive remuneration in the form of funds in the selected national currency. This way, the system members can provide real income without spending their own crypto assets. Within the framework of the program, participants will be able to borrow and borrow money with instant approval of loans and transfers of the necessary sums, and the received credit funds will be transferred to the borrower’s bank accounts in the chosen national currency. Interest rates for the use of credit funds are planned to be lower than in ordinary banks. Those who have provided loans will not be able to claim their funds back earlier than the contract provides, which protects the interests of borrowers;
 Within the framework of the “Bitbose” platform, it is planned to launch its own “BOSE” tokens, which will serve as an internal monetary unit and a means of calculation between the participants. To confirm transactions within the system will be used crypto mining, paid in BOSE. The more users bitbose will participate in mining, the safer transactions will be within the system;
 The team of the project has developed a unique and maximum reliable purse, which will store the tokens “BOSE”. Its creation uses innovative technologies that completely exclude the possibility of external interference and theft.

Description of the token and ISO parts
The “BOSE” token is an intellectual and transparent user cryptocurrency, which will be used to obtain and issue credits in Kriptoaktivah and traditional Fiat funds. In addition, it is also used for portfolio investment and as a means of payment for mining services. The token will function on the basis of the blockchain standard ERC-20 Ethereum, which will provide the necessary processing speed and transaction security. A team of specialists is working on the platform and Token development, which includes professional Software developers in the field of the blockchain, financial specialists, exchange traders and experts in various fields. The issued token, in addition to the above-mentioned areas of application, can be used for the purchase of other goods and services on the platform “Bitbose”. All owners of the BOSE payment instrument will be able to receive passive profit. It is planned to emit a limited number of tokens in the amount of 300 million pieces. Of these, 210 million are exposed in the open sale. Payment at the time of purchase within the ICO is cryptocurrencies “bitcoin” and “ether”. Tokens can then be purchased and sold at various cryptocurrency exchanges in free circulation. As part of the initial placement, it is planned to collect a minimum amount of money to implement the project in the amount of $5 million. Hardkap ICO is 45 million dollars.

Bitbose is the next development in the field of cryptocurrency and blockchain, which tries to bring new into the sphere of exchange trade. A full realization of the platform will allow to carry out operations on crediting and investment freely. However, it is not necessary to talk about the uniqueness of bitbose authors ‘ idea, as there are many similar projects with the same possibilities.


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