BIRAKE White Label Crypto Exchange

BIRAKE – The blockchain is a digital book technology transparent transactions and records are immune to changes or deletion. Offer additional properties of the increased security, lower costs, greater efficiency, and robustness against errors, blockchain has increased, fluctuating in the year 2017. Utility technology blockchain is not limited to, trigger a list of companies, industry and the Government is still continuing to explore its potential adoption. The blockchain is the perennial public ledger that records digital transactions.
This technology was first introduced by anonymous individuals with the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto in 2008 and has since revolutionized the way we perform currency transactions around the world. Blockchain allows a trust to be distributed throughout the network, without the need for the central authority to track, verify, and approve the exchange of digital values. It operates as a decentralized, distributed database maintains a record of a constantly evolving list is divided into several blocks. Legacy will be utilizing this technology for decentralized and put confidence in its users.

Introducing BIRAKE
Birake was built by the software company that has been operating since 2010 in the web software industry, particularly in South America. Birake designed by expert people. As a trader and investor, they have overcome the situation of overloading the trading platform in the area of Cryptography. Especially in the year 2017, there are many times when more than 50% of the trading platform cryptographic has overloaded/closed/hacked or cannot operate for long periods of time. for that reason, birake dev believes that the plate is BIRAKE will come up with a solution to end users, but also for companies that target the business/information exchange in this field. BIRAKE platform can also be used successfully in communities and new coins appeared, eager to join the Exchange platform. with people BIRAKE they will even be able to run their own trading platform. A team dedicated to this project has over 10 years experience in web development and manipulation of large volumes of data and users. For 7 + years, they have been working every day with technologies such as:

Node .js.
NoSQL data storage
Other & ReactJS

BIRAKE is built on blockchain Ethereum. According to the team, “Birake Token (bir) is a decentralized application token (dapp) developed on top of the Ethereum blockchain, according to the standard ERC223, which is an enhanced version of the standard ERC20 its predecessor.”

BIR tokens are the application of decentralization (dapp) developed on top of the Ethereum’s block, according to the standard ERC223, which is an enhanced version of the standard ERC20 predecessors. Initial distribution will be done through the TGE token (Token events of Genesis), in which each person can buy a BIR in return for token ether or bitcoin (additional forms of payment of consideration).

After we build the software industry more agnostic, we ask vendors to use BIR to rent the software BIRAKE. Clients will be able to pay with a BIR token to the complete software or solutions in the area of cryptocurrency. Basically, you can have a full exchange of software such as WHITE labels are paying by token BIRAKE. The amount of inventory = 300 million BIR token TGE will distribute up to 75% of the total inventory, token, token 225 million pre-sales/sales (up to 30%/45% token available, respectively) the rest of the remaining 25% will be split between ads (15 million), Advisory & developer token (40 million) and marketing communication & (20 million). TGE management is done through the site

In public presale, participants can obtain the token with a 30% rate discount, 1 BIR = $0.07 USD. BIR tokens will be exchanged for the assessment of 1 BIR = $0.10 USD or equivalent with ether or bitcoin (additional forms of payment are being considered). Each token has not been saved during TGE will be stored in our company’s wallet as evidence for the future development of reserves and working capital costs.

The number of supply = 300 million BIR tokens
TGE will fill in until 75% of the total goods token, 225 million
the token.

pre-sales/sales (up to 30%/45% of the available tokens, respectively).

25% will be divided between the following token
advertising (15 million), the token advisor & Developer (40 million) and marketing &
communication (20 million). TGE management is done through the site birake.
In public presale, this token can be obtained with
a discount rate of 30%, 1 BIR = $0.07 USD. BIR tokens will be exchanged
with valuations 1 BIR = $0.10 USD or equivalent ether or bitcoin
(the form of the payment of fees are being).
Each token that is not sold during TGE will be held in our company’s wallet as evidence of reserve for working capital and development costs in the future.

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