Biometrids Providing a Solution to Identity and Identification Problems in all Facet of Life.

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BIOMETRIDS— is a platform for identification using face recognition by mobile devices. Biometrids platform lets people identify themselves with other people by using face recognition installed on their phones. By using the great books distributed unchanged, each person in the chain it is unique. One face means one ID, and any ID that is unique. If you go down in a chain that once, you will never able to manipulate ID it again or copy them. This will prevent identity theft and fraud, and also will ensure users are those who they say they are.
Our platform will bring a new dimension to your identity. Decentralized ID will help people for free, and make the world a more trusted place. Decentralized ID will make you remain anonymous, but still guarantee you. What if someday you need to identify yourself, to use the internet? And people can give you sound bad, if you fool people? How it will change the internet in the future? There are many cases of the use of Biometrids. Read more in our whitepaper use case when launched between 15 and 20 nov.
Using Blockchain technology, Biometrids is ready to provide the solution for identification and the identification of problems in all aspects of life.
Advances in technology have brought the smartphone with face recognition via camera built-in. Using face recognition capabilities of intelligent device, every individual will be identified in the face at blockchain. Biometrids attempted to create the phenomenon of “One Face, One ID”. It takes only one recognition only and there will be no means to manipulate the identity at Blockchain. With this in place, there is a drastic reduction in expected in identity theft.
We got the solution to address the problems of Identity at blockchain. Today we face the problem of a common blockchain, with its identity. KYC, that they were forced by the Government. Therefore we need a decentralized identity, which could help address this masalahTT.
How does that work.
Face recognition works around a picture of a person. This image could be 2D or 3D. If we use the 2D image, the possibility of manipulation will increase significantly because of the hassle that is not complicated and the fact that it is easy to take picturesof other people, scan with the phone and sign in to it. a user account by using the 3D images, we will increase the complexity significantly. When you need to have the ear, the eye, and the Chin, from the corner, it would be much more complicated to manipulate. When we also added a scan of the skin, and maybe even iris scanning, complexity and uniqueness will be at a level that is far more satisfying and scan your face will be unique.

We will incorporate facial recognition with keywords, giving a more complete system and is very safe in which each face is unique and easily recognizable to the system.
The API and the system We are building a platform that could be implemented by other blockchain projects.This could be a wallet, bank, company, real estate partners, and much more. If the developer wants to use the wallet this system, they only apply a fire; After that, you can use your face to get into your wallet and you will get paid directly. Shop today already apply a purse, so very easy to make a payment. Simply scan your face and receive payments requested. And off you go.
The same process will be used for public service. If you are stopped by the police, simply scan your face and they could read your SIM in their devices. A list of opportunities to enter and so on
ICO will run for four weeks (from 16 December to 13 January).
Soft cap 4000 ETH.
Hard at 80000 ETH.
As many as 70 million coins will be priced as follows:
IDS/1eth 1:1000 week.
IDS 2:850/week 1eth.
IDS 3:700/week 1eth.
IDS 4:600/week 1eth.
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