BGX In our current time every person uses the smartphone, technology improves every day. Decentralization leads to a more equitable distribution of costs and incomes, to the cleanest decision-making mechanism. One of the most important technologies that provide decentralized mechanisms for data storage and decision making is blockchain. BGX is the first integration platform in the field of mobile games, equipped with artificial intelligence and with an emphasis on processing. This approach not only brings a technological solution to the market but also creates a democratic economic model for members of the mobile gaming ecosystem.

About the project
BGX is a decentralized platform that is a multifunctional processing platform designed for mobile gaming. It’s a powerful AI that’s different from other platforms. The platform uses the most advanced integrated processing platform ever seen in the mobile gaming industry and is completely comprehensive.

BGX offers game developers, local and specialized app stores, sponsors and players integrated ecosystem support, where profit distribution is managed in a transparent, decentralized way, and individual Participants did not monopolize access to information.

The goal of BGH is to create self-sustaining artificial intelligence to use processes within the platform. This is enhanced by the capabilities of the system, which must democratize the multi-billion dollar-oriented industry.

Game developers will fully control the services with a wide range of features, as well as effective work with cryptocurrencies. The platform offers developers the opportunity to put their logic in the development of games, as well as to focus on the processes of their creation. By using the platform, developers can accelerate their ability to monetize their games. And, as they say, there are other opportunities that will help to increase profits and income.

Players will love it because they can earn money from playing and sharing games. It will work in real money transfer applications between players using a digital wallet. They will be able to collect bonuses as well as get access to paid platforms for overdraft and compete in games for rewards and prizes.

Solution: The effort of three groups of developers who have merged in BGX and have been developing their own technological solutions for several years. These include developers of financial data processing systems, developers of research projects in the field of artificial intelligence and developers of mobile content delivery systems.

The result of this alliance is the decision to publish all developed solutions in open access space and bring a unified processing platform to the decentralized mobile gaming market.

The 3rd party app in stores will help you increase your audience’s conversion rate and open new channels to distribute your apps. They will bring a real return on investments with a new platform BGH on the basis of cryptocurrency. The token holder can participate in a growing project and encourage them to spend their money on the market. They will also receive a share of the revenue from the BGH system.

The main functions of BGX:
1. The system of distribution of game applications on Android and IOS; 2. Independent processing of Fiat and crypto transactions, including overdraft support; 3. Virtual player Payment purse;
2. The subsystem for marker emission by developers;
3. Support for common monetization models;
4. Powerful artificial intelligence engine that controls current transactions and winning players.
The BGX business model is based on low commissions from transactions in the system.

ICO details and terms.
The BGX token is considered to be the program’s power, fully implementing it in Kristofer. This allows the participants of the mobile games system to be aware of all the information in the platform and Oktryto to carry out all their actions, and become part of a huge playground. Using Kriptojekonomiki to solve these problems opens up great prospects for business development and additional acquisition benefits.
On reality, BGX translates the mobile gaming industry from the Internet of Information in the era of Internet value.
Tokens are distributed as follows:
– Community 50%
– Reserve 25%
-Founders 10%
– Team and advisers 10%
– Bounty 5%.
Token: BGX
Platform: Ethereum
Token type: ERC20
Price: 1BGX = $0.10
Country: Switzerland
Possible investments: ETH, BTC, LTC, Fiat
Main sale: Start 24.04.18 ending 15.05.18. If the Hardcap company gathers faster, the ICO will end earlier.
Softdcap: 4 000 000 $
Hardcap: 50 000 000 $

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