BEZOP Disrupt A Multi-Trillion Dollar Ecommerce Market

BEZOP is a complete solution for running an online business e-commerce success for new and experienced users. Anyone can sell their products and services and get paid in bezop without any programming. Bezop implements a novel proof of order that lower level of cheating is good for merchants as well as clients that use contract with an elegant design that is backed by the blockade and guaranteed to cryptographic ethereum. Merchants can collect and manage orders with precision.

Bezop dompet account You will be able to save and store the standard token Ethereum ERC20. The integration of will allow you to convert between smooth token directly from Your Bezop account. Convert between standard token Bezops ERC20 supported ShapeShift or buy Bezops directly with other ERC20 token. The account Bezop is now live and their wallets will be launched Q1 2018.

All development plans and future enhancements will be made through the community. Bezop also plans to open all the projects in the year 2018. Think of Bezop as the first e-commerce system that is driven by the block where users have access to unlimited payment processing and storing them.

Repurchase Program
Instead of removing the Bezops team members during the period of ICO, all members and advisers must wait for 180 days to accept there is a token. We are also planning to launch a buyback program in bursa. In this way, Bezops will be repurchased with the BTC by team members who are interested. As many as 10% of all BEZOP in circulation will be repurchased during the first 24 hours it hit exchanges to help BEZOP entering the bullish trend.

Bezop network will allow many developers easy access to sell software and skills using blockchain with Copy and Paste “Easy Integration”. For every sale we will send you IPN url to secure anything. where users specify; We will also parse name and product id, tag and email. Every payment that goes through the platform will follow standard protocol.

Proof Of Booking
Proof Of Reservation Is Testament To The Novel That Introduced By Bezop.
Decentralized Order Management
Bezop market value based on demand for products and services Sold By the thousands of people who have great potential to improve Competitor Profit quickly.
Contract Intelligent Novel
Bezop Dipodelkan based on The Novel of the Contract to handle the placement of an order, cancellation, dispute, a tax receipt And proof of Delivery, Transaction and promise Evokes.
Multi-purpose Wallet
Not Just Purses To Bezerberimu. Our wallets will be able to save and keep some etiquette standards ERC20.
Rainbow Cipher
Bezop has designed a private key encryption technique that is amazing that will revolutionize how wallet is stored. This cipher is processed on the client side and can only be reversed by the user.
The rapid growth
Bezop market value based on demand for products and services Sold By the thousands of people who have great potential to improve Competitor Profit quickly.

Buyer Protection
Bezop was built to reduce Fraud and protect buyers, before contacting the network Bezop Using Smart Contracts to act as a Forward for each transaction.

Bezop crowdsale and the appropriate token creation process will be issued by Bezop Blockchain Ltd, a limited liability company, and the United Kingdom will be held around the smart contract running Wireshark. Participants are willing to support the development of the project Bezop can do so by sending the currency Ether to a designated address. As such, they will be rewarded with Tokens Bezop (BEZ) at the level of 1929 BEZ per 1 ETH sent directly to their wallets. The accepted currency for ICO is the ether.

The creation will be closed (“Soft Cap”) after receiving the equivalent of ETH (fixed at 421,000 USD). This amount is subject to change prior to the event making Token
The time of the making of the Token will last 16 days, if Soft Cap not reached more quickly
If the soft Cap is reached before the end of 16 (sixteen) days, additional contributions will be accepted during the 120 hours if any contributor
Miss a very short window for the creation of BEZ.
If the campaign doesn’t achieve the goal Crowdsale minimum capital USD 421,000, all funds will be returned automatically to the holders by BEZ
Smart contracts etereum
The token Creation has a hard cap: having reached this cap, the token creation will cease and no further contributions will be accepted. Hard hat Amount was 21,423 ETH.

Token Distribution
15% For the team and advisors
5% Marketing
5% sales bonus token
15% Reserves
65% Provided on sale

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