BETEX Peer-to-Peer Binary Options Platform

BETEX  is a Platform that aims to improve the existing derivatives markets by using smart contracts Ethereum. Only qualified investors who have completed procedures KYC/AML has access to pre-sale Betex Token. Betex is a platform peer-to-peer trading derivatives for innovative based on blockchain.
Betex will allow binary options trading, and adding another more complicated derivatives at a later date. Contrary to traditional platforms, user Betex bet each other, which allows full transparency.

Betex business model allows minimizing the risk irrespective of the number of brokers and users. Liquidity pools will be ensured by the outdoor common of all brokers that will be connected to the platform via schemas white label and will not be able to deceive merchants or platform. 95% of the pool will be distributed among the winners, while the merchant Commission Betex only 5% (thus, 2.5% will be transferred to the holder of the token BETEX).

The Mission of the Betex
Our mission (betex) is to bring unprecedented transparency to derivatives markets, and also develop new derivatives, which will not let the opportunity for trading instruments, explains Oleg Torkhov Betex, the CEO. “All the transactions will be available to the public any checks. There is no one platform that can affect the process.

Betex Token and MVP
Betex will use SBT (Stable Betting Token) as a medium of Exchange because of platforms will be used for bets and payouts. However, the token is a primary token Betex. It has the characteristics of security, and hence will be listed in the SEC and other regulatory authorities.
Betex working on an innovative business model, where the bulk of the funds, as much as 95%, distributed among successful traders. In addition, 2.5% of the remaining 5% will be distributed among the token holder platform.

This platform also creates pools of liquidity together for each asset. This will maximize the benefits that users receive. Betex MVP already had made to provide a better understanding of the concept of a common pool of liquidity that is applied in the platform.
Betex Token
BETEX is the primary token in the system. 50% of the revenue Commission platforms distributed among the holders of BETEX token in the token SBT. BETEX issued once in 10 million number of tokens. After that, the amount remains constant.

Pre-sale token BETEX will take place in two rounds on November December 2017 based on Treaty of SAFT (Simple Agreement for the future). Because token BETEX will have the characteristics of a particular security, it will be registered with the SEC and other regulatory authorities within 15 days after the initial distribution.
The profit received between the launch platform and the distribution of tokens BETEX, will accumulate in the Ethereal public address and will be distributed among the holders of BETEX tokens for 2 weeks or less, after the event distribution is complete. BETEX token distribution plan will take place in the second quarter of 2018. More information will soon be available.

Sale token Betex (2018)
As a token of this system has several security features, you must register it into the securities market regulator, to sell this token to the investor (and also for the transfer of the token are sold based on the Treaty of SAFT during rounds presale).
For this reason, the main sales round token BETEX will be done in 2018, after the registration is done. Until then, profits are not distributed platform will accumulate on a separate Ethereal address and will be distributed within 2 weeks after the end of the final round of the token BETEX sales.
Total inventories BETEX token is a token 10 million. The amount of this token will remain constant. The start date of the main round token sales BETEX will be announced in advance, at least 30 days before the start.

• Symbol: BETEX
• Price: $2.50
• Sale: 60%
• Platform: Ethereal
• Receive: ETH, BTC
• Hard cap: $3,750,000

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