BankEx – Proof-of-Asset Protocol

BANKEX Proof-of-Assets protocol (PoA) is a standard that enables a new generation of assets and contracts called Decentralized capital markets. We build Internet Asset (IoA) concerning the principles of Bank-as-a-Service (BaaS), backed by the Internet of Things (IoT) and the technology of Artificial Intelligence (AI). The Protocol provider open to PoA fintech 3rd party, the AI lab and IOT, traditional financial institutions and asset owners.

BANKEX Proof-of-assets of the Proto-col
BANKEX is an organization that brings together members of the financial market to build a community and implement Protocol Proof-of-Assets that allows members of the public have benefited from the use of the joint.
The theory Behind Games Protocol Proof-of-Assets
The theory is the branch of mathematical economics Game1 which focused on the results of the conflict between players, and optimalitas their strategy.

the Bank’s Business Model-as-a-Service (BaaS)
Bank-as-a-Service (BaaS) is a business model that makes it possible to build a new financial product that integrates with many technologies and areas of jurisdiction.

increased regulation;
The increasing development of technology.
BaaS Decentralized Model
According to McKinsey & co., there are three major trends in the evolution of banking:

Classical Architecture Mikroservice
Mikroservice is the network architecture of the service modules can be used independently of each other. Microservice Architecture Advantage: Autonomous Ownership for various types of microscopes in the application;

  • Agility, micro application components can be developed and tested on an autonomous decentralized teams more quickly;
  • improved kalabilitas (other components scaling, scale on-demand);
  • Delivery continuous and the spread of micro-components.

Blockchain Services Architecture
On a micro-service, Ethereal blockade architecture used in the implementation of the external procedure. At the same time, the networks own Ethereum is an example of a network that uses the concept of micro-service, because it contains all the characteristic of a micro services (Figure 2):

  • Excess and reservation, because each network node are autonomous;
  • invention network topology configuration service to automatically;
  • Extended capabilities through the use of other types of micro services (such as prophecy, micro-services that allow for display of statistics, etc.)
  • Beneftts of Blockchain Services Architecture

Why architectural services from fashure using blockchain? In the existing infrastructure, an application or product is composed of a large number of modules that are almost always developed by different teams, and, even if the team worked at the same bank, they still require a huge amount of cash flow between different participants in the system and a large number of agreements and inspections. It’s expensive, time consuming, and very likely lead to mistakes, including system errors.

Liquidity theory in the context of Tokenisasi
The liquidity of an asset is the ability to sell or buy an asset quickly without significant price changes. Higher liquidity reduces the trade-off between the price of the asset can be sold/purchased and the sales pace. People have a preference for liquidity, this kind of theory was first introduced by John Maynard Keynes.
Market-making Model for Smart Asset Math
What’s making the market?
Market makers are the players in the market for the good or the security that provides an opportunity for traders to buy and sell, making this market more liquid.

Key players

  • Traders: responsible for the creation of purchase orders/sales;
  • Making market (specialist): displays the public’s buy & sell quotes for the number of securities/goods guaranteed to fill orders from traders and merchants on this quote;
  • Dealers: buy and sell securities/goods from merchants but did not reveal the offer publicly;
  • Pialang: carry out orders on behalf of their clients.


The type of asset and Asset Requirements
Everything in our world is relatively liquid. Figure 4 was taken from a report by Blockstone-one of the largest equity funds in the United States, indicating that everything is liquid and has a duration of the sale. They mention that invest into assets that initially seem less liquid initially might produce greater advantage than other assets.

The fundamental Advantage of the Tokenisasi to the asset
BANKEX analysis Blocks, collect and analyze financial technology from around the world for a few years, see interesting trends that had formed around the financial tools for the last few years.
If we separate the basic needs of the person or company in respect of the movement of funds, easily found that any person or company doesn’t have a lot of basic financial needs, including:

Originator, Product Owner and Supplier
The protocol scheme Proof-of-Assets
In the previous section we have reviewed the model Bank product-as-a-Service and the concept of Smart Asset Tokenization. This is a great two entities, so you may want to know how to integrate them in the BANKEX protokolnya.

Product Owner: The Vision
Product owner-the company that created different products technologically finis. In the future, will become something more-either the company or the community who create technology products together.

The Owner Of The Products: Certiftcation
Clearly, the product and the product made by the owner of the products based on the protocols of evidence of Assets must be certified. It is very important for Smart financial Assets. That is why the ecosystem includes Smart Asset Certiftcation Center (SACC).

Suppliers :
On the right side of the plate is presented in sectionsn from the Smart White Paper we look at the Supplier. The supplier is the owner of tokenized prod-uct.
BANKEX Engineers have been doing research on entities and the characteristics of the resources that are currently used in a variety of financial and internet ecosystem and has achieved stunning results. We have found that the perception of the typical us about resources that took part in the deal because financial resources are just too limited.

BANKEX Foundation are independent organizations whose members are involved in community work and development of smart contracts for Smart Asset and Product Instances recently created with her participation. This includes blockchain technology experts, programmers, as well as a provider of products and product experts.
Foundation Community- This is a community of programmers and business developer, who is a fan of the Blockchain decentralized Service Architecture. They are the people who are responsible for creating a chain of Smart Contracts are fickle in the world for a variety of Worthless Assets.
New Smart Asset Type- is the program code that is fully ready for initiation. As we see on schematic Community Assets, the Community Foundation and BANKEX Lab with the participation of third-party experts take part in the making of this code. The quality of the code is ensured by Smart Asset BANKEX Certifica-tion Center.

5. BANKEX Proof-of-Assets Protocol
Registration Data & data products are
our first step in examining the liquidity is the Protocol data. BANKEX as classical very fintech companies realize how many banking systems that exist today, many with architecture, which was founded a few years ago.
The validation Step (Figure 16) of Smart Asset is the most interesting to research and development, this is where a variety of ways and methods to get the General information can be built.


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