BABB The World Bank forthe Micro – Economy

BABB – Bank Account Based Blockchain (BABB) is a decentralized banking Platform that leverages the technology blockchain, AI, and biometrics to be offered to anyone in this world to access bank accounts for financial services United Kingdom peer to peer.

Send and receive money around the world use fiat currency and crypto.
Black card
Spend money online fiat or crypto online and in any country that uses a black card, payment card revolutionary decentralized related directly to the bank account of your BABB.
KYC Social
Vouch for anyone who you know, and give them access to a bank account in United Kingdom only by using a smartphone.
Digital Currency Central Bank
BAX, the original token BABB, will allow central banks issued their own currencies to stimulate local microeconomic. Local digital currencies offer access of citizens to the international remittances and payment gateway.Open Platform
Any business can receive a supported currency, according to the fullest, anywhere in the world.

BABB with the application, you can open a bank account in United Kingdom from anywhere in the world by taking selfie and pronounce the passphrase. Once you enter the ecosystem BABB, you become your own bank. Anyone with a smartphone and an internet connection can participate in global markets BABB.

You can send money to other BABB users anywhere in the world instantly and almost at no cost. Simply select the amount you want to send and the person you want to send it, and confirm the transfer using your digital identity.

As a bank, you can exchange the currency directly without intermediaries. It’s cheaper, faster and easier than doing it the other way. First, select the number of coins that you want to rate and select the currency you need. BABB directly find all people around where you could partner up, and keep you in touch. If you want to keep going, tap and make it happen.

BABB will empower microeconomic, improving lives and livelihoods and creating new opportunities for individuals and businesses around the world.
Business Developer/Business and developer > = can create applications to seamlessly plug into the platform BABB. Of the freelancers who work in economic performance to the company’s global, integrated payment systems TBB without limits can reduce the cost of doing business.

End user = > anyone across the world will be able to open a bank account in the United Kingdom. All you need to do is download the application BABB, taking selfie and read the passphrase to print your voice. With this account, you can access a selection of banking services virtually without limit at a low cost.

The Central Bank of Central Bank > = can harness technology to BABB began to apply local currencies to microeconomics in ecosystems that are set. This will allow them to offer residents access to international remittances and payment gateway.

Token BAX is the original currency of the platform BABB. Participants selling Tokens can buy and hold these currencies and profiting from the value of the platform.
To find out more about selling the token BABB, you can sign up to attend a party pre-ICO us on 5th October

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