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BABB — Modern Bank is a high-tech financial institutions capable of serving any commercial transactions and complex project.
Globalization accompanied deregulation of the banking activity and the liberalisation of financial markets. At the same time, the institutional differences between different types of activities of banking and finance: commercial, investments erased, insurance, and so on.
Consequently, the nature and form of competition in the financial markets changed significantly. The Bank was forced to compete simultaneously in many segments of the financial markets, and not just with each other but also with other financial institutions — insurance and investment funds, corporate finance, and others. And in the conditions of liberalization — not only with the population, but also by non-residents.
The liberalization, on the one hand, create the conditions for the development of a network of foreign banks and the establishment of international banking business, which naturally increases the competition, however, on the other hand, simultaneously enable consolidation of capital bank. . This led to an increase in the number of mergers and acquisitions in the banking sector, the expansion and improvement of the various forms of cooperation between banks and credit institutions and non-bankfinance, and growth of banking alliances of various kinds.
Information technology plays a special role in the global change in the banking business
Recently, information systems and technology has been used mainly for automatingthe collection and processing of banking information, more rarely for planning and control in the bank and is seen as a tool to reduce workforce Manual and reduced bank charges. Today, information technology has been the driving force of the radicalstructural changes in the banking business. They transcend time and space, opening the door out of the bank at any time in a distant geographic markets.
At the same time, the traditional competitive advantage of the bank — and multifaceted long-term contacts with customers and branch network being developed — partially lose their significance. There’s a new layer of customers who are willing to usethe internet banking service. The nature of the bank’s communication with clients is very different from the traditional ones. Modern multimedia tools provide interactive communication virtual bank with clients, which gradually replace personal communication with him.
Technology in the on-line mode, giving the the transparency of the market, allowingcustomers choose the most favorable service for those without a lot of effort and time, which reduces the opportunities for the bank to maneuver the price.
But many people around the world have no access to banking services, credit cards and debit cards and other problems (systemic risk, data
privacy, financial exclusion and competition sluggish). Sometimes desperately needed.
All of these issues could complete the project called “BABB” — Blockchain-based Bank account
BABB was decentralized bank to microeconomic, providing individuals and businesses with a bank account in United Kingdom, powered by blockchain technology. The account is managed through the smartphone applications and provides access to the payment card is decentralized. In addition, the partnership with the central bank allows the integration and publishing of other currencies around the world, which further stimulates local micro-economics and expand the range of solutions BABB and BAX of the underlying benchmark.
BABB has become the Official Payment Agencies FCA (fire) and will ask the banking license earlier in the year 2018.
What do you get thanks to this project:
You will experience a seamless transition between the banking legacy and blockchain-based bank account You
BABB Account IBAN issued to European and international bank wires, as well as the account number and Sort Code for United Kingdom national transactions.
Mobile Applications through BABB, anyone can quickly create a bank account is as easy as “took the cells and humming a tune”, without the required ID documents to issue a basic purse.

BABB enabling businesses and individuals in control of their money anywhere, as long as they have an internet connection.
BABB supports traditional banking functions such as transfer, payments, cash in/out transaction, as well as peer-to-peer more by using smart contracts.
Users can generate revenue from their own money, by providing a service of peer-to-peer such as currency exchange and loan and get a fee, as does the bank
Baby card BABB you will be able to spend your funds in the bank account of your BABB in stores and on site (peer-to-peer). Retailers can accept payment using the card BABB just by downloading the application BABB and scan the QR code or via NFC.Payments are made directly to the retailer’s bank account and the funds can be immediately used.
And many other advantages that are very useful! Very cool and useful!
You can buy their token in ICO or will participate in the program of the Bounty. Your link below this article. The project has a marketing team and very friendly. I hope they will be well developed
Token BAX used under the hood to operate the service platform in all geography and jurisdiction served by platform.
Look at this picture of the Initial Token Sale
If the user does not have to operate in the BAX platform, they can easily purchase the required amount of the bank’s platform BABB, and also from other users, Exchange online services and any other 3rd party.
Hardcap 50 000 000 $. Sale Token will soon take place.
Our team includes entrepreneurs block success with a proven track record, central bankers, investment bankers, investors, scientists, researchers and engineers crypto.
Rushd AverroesFounder/CEO
Jorge PereiraCTO
Adam HaeemsCOO
Dean Of RefaatHead Research
ANI AlexanderHead of Marketing
Annabel MellorHead of Communications
Director Leonard SeeligNE
Stuart HallToken Sale Marketer
East Communications Manager Mai Abdel-AzizMiddle
David DeviaContent Creator
LiResearcher Jingwei
Anish Mohammed
Adi Ben-Ari
Peter Cox
Benham, Miles
Ricardo Abreu
John Middleton
Carly Stratton
Professor Paolo Giudici
Rotem Hayoun-Meidav
Georgi Georgiev
Bart Norre
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