BaapPayThe Evolution of the Payment Platform is Here

Baappay invented software for POS terminals and own App store. In fact, it is a system for processing cryptocurrency payments, combined with Fiat systems. It works with the existing credit card infrastructure and is associated with bank debit and credit accounts. It is designed to make cryptocurrency a standard payment instrument.

The power of the idea is that the consumer will be able to pay the goods cryptocurrency at any existing outlet, and sellers do not have to buy special equipment. Baappay will develop software and inexpensive hardware to implement cryptocurrency. On the platform, there will be two purses: for the exchange of cryptocurrency, for payments and storage. As well as the POS system: Smart POS terminal and mobile system that will connect the existing payment equipment to the seller’s PC and mobile phone. It is necessary to freely use cryptocurrency for payment.

Before the cryptocurrency is accepted on the platform as a solvent, it will pass a test for durability. Currently listed BTC, LTC, ETH, BCH, XRP and native coin platform Baap.
Deals on the platform are like P2P, and you can use both Fiat and cryptocurrency. The user will be able to pay for online purchases using a standard debit or credit card.

Sellers will also be able to accept payments in both currencies and choose to store funds in the deposit. Developers will connect on one platform bank and Kriptovaljutnye accounts through one interface. Thanks to blockchain technology, transactions will be conducted instantly and securely.

How will it develop?
Now the beta version of the application for POS-terminals is ready. The release of the finished application is scheduled for 2 kV. 2018. in 3 sq. m. The terminal (POS) and mobile device (MPOS) are released. In 2019 develop crypto payment gateway, a ready platform with all components will be released in 2020g.
The platform consists of interconnected elements. Among them stand out:

· Payment Gateway. Its system is integrated with PayPal and therefore allows the merchant to use both cryptocurrency and traditional fiat using credit and debit cards.
· A liquidity pool is an accelerated, secure transaction. Now it is necessary to write data of instantaneous operations on separate nodes of the blockchain.
· Two types of purses: Web and personal. The difference between them is that the first is intended for fast conversion of one currency to another in the Web cloud. And the second is protected by a personal key and requires installation on a gadget, PC or laptop.
· The software includes the development of POS Smart Terminal and mobile MPOS system. Baappay The terminal is able to accept cards with any currency. Technically supports registration, payment, and accounting. It is equipped with a powerful battery of 6000 milliamps hours, GPS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and camera. And mobile communication is designed to connect gadgets and computer connected to the system.
· The App Store is an opportunity to buy Android and IOS phone apps, as well as custom application development kits using the BAAP internal currency.

Stages of Baappay project development
By the beginning of 2018, Alpha and beta versions for terminals were launched. By the end of this year, it is planned to start the initial versions of wallets, web-applications of the system and release of SPOS terminal. In 2019, a FIATNYJ and Crypto gateway will be created, and they will be integrated together. By the 2nd quarter of 2020, the system will be fully accessible and convenient for people all over the world.

Selling tokens
The internal digital coin has a lot of advantages for the owners. Built on the basis of ERC20, it is compatible with Jefirium Blockchain. Tokens can be kept on the card, exchanged for Fiat or another cryptocurrency. Those who use them will receive points. In addition, the Commission they for the use will not require that is very appealing to users.

According to information from the Whitepaper, the terms of the sale started on March 27, 2018, and may last until April 30. You can buy a token for dollars, ethers or Bitcoin tokens. For 1 ether you can buy 4200 tokens Baap.

Token: BAAP
Price: 4200baap = 1eth
Total output: 94 mln.

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