Azbit – Today’s project, which I will discuss, is related to investments and stock trading. But besides the exchange, there will be its own bank and payment system. Now there are many ICO projects aimed at the creation of crypto-biology, payment systems or cryptic to tanks. But they focus on performing only a certain range of tasks, such as Kriptotorgovlja. The emergence of a large number of such projects is primarily due to the fact that traditional exchanges, banks, and payment systems do not justify themselves.

High commissions for operations, centralization, vulnerability protection against hacker attacks, deception and fraud. All this led to the need to implement blockchain in all areas of life.
This project is designed to unite everything in a single and enable users with all the capabilities of blockchain within one platform. It’s called Azbit.

The azbit operation is provided by the AZ token. The AZ tokens are designed to pay the commission at a discount for all types of transactions, as well as for mutual settlements both inside the site and beyond. Initially, 401.5 billion tokens will be released, but some tokens will be burned later. Then, each month, 25% of the revenue of the Azbit project will be used for the gradual redemption and subsequent destruction of half of all issued tokens. Thus, over time only 50% of all issued AZ tokens will remain in circulation.

The first section, which is implemented on the site, is banking services and payment system. With the help of it you can make all standard operations: payments and transfers, the opening of deposit accounts, payments SWIFT and SEPA and so on.
Processing of payments in cryptocurrency and fiat currency is provided by the own payment system. This is where online payments, transfers and currency exchange are performed. The credit system will be implemented immediately. Loans will be issued under the pledge of cryptocurrency portfolios. The system of P2P lending can be seen in the figure

The second main possibility is a multicurrency crypto-Obrzha with its main functions. There you can buy the AZ tokens, also trade any cryptocurrency. The interface is shown in Figure 2.

The third is an investment platform. Here you will see the recommended directions for investment. You will be able to interact with other traders and investors within the site. You will also be able to access the forex market.
Fourth. The market of trading robots. In the same section, there is a constructor of robots where with the help of the built-in scripting language you can create your own trading robot. This section will allow programmers to earn on sale, and ordinary users to get passive income.
Fifth. Whitelabel is a system with API access that allows developers to integrate the Azbit service into the third-party crypto wallet and Internet resources. This way, third-party users will have access to azbit.

Azbit  Sixth. e-Wallets. They are directly linked to the cryptosystem and use the infrastructure for cold storage of balances using the banking security system. Minus the operating capital, all the money will be stored there.
And finally, for successful trading here are implemented several systems-helpers. One and such is the account Share trade and Copytrade, which allow you to share experiences with other traders, as well as copy trading schemes of successful traders. The diagram of the work accounts is shown in Figure 2. Portfolio-The management will help you to make a currency profile, the scheme of work which will see on

Let’s summarize. I believe that the project is very interesting and promising due to its versatility. On one site there are several possibilities: banking services, payment system, crypto-markets and entering the forex market. With due attention from the organizers, the project will have the right to live and be popular among different strata of society.

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