AvailCom Decentralized Eco-System Unites Private Companies and Private Persons

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AVAILCOM – As of today, many people tend to benefit from their own property, which they do not use themselves. One of the most advantageous ways of making a profit in this way is renting a property. In most cases, people prefer to rent a house or a car. It is important to note that both of these types of services are in huge demand.
So, in the territory of Europe and the United States, about 50 percent of the population live in rented housing and use for the movement of cars rented, as it is much more profitable to buy their own apartment or car. In some countries renting a car is even more advantageous than calling a taxi.
According to numerous research analysts, to search for housing or cars and rent them about 68 percent of people use specialized sites or applications that have convenient filters for search and reviews of other users. However, all such services have a number of disadvantages:
 The High Commission amount, which is charged not only from the landlord but also from the tenant;
 Excessive rental price in the tourist area or in the absence of competition;
 A large number of intermediaries;
 The possibility of fraud;
 The rating is screwed up due to the feedback placed from the fake accounts;
 The need to hold a personal meeting of the transaction participants.
The Availcom platform will allow to solve all these shortcomings and provide a convenient process of rent of habitation and rent of automobiles with the most advantageous conditions both for landlords and for tenants.

Purpose of the project
The main goal of availcom developers is to create a service that can provide direct interaction between the landlord and the tenant to provide the most advantageous conditions for renting and car rental.
Working principle
Platform participants will interact with each other through a specialized application, which can be accessed via a browser or smartphone. This application will have such advantages:
 An easy way to search for multi-language leases and automatically translate dialogs;
 Wide choice of payment methods, including cryptocurrency;
 The possibility of remote income generation;
 Automating the lease process, eliminating the need for a personal meeting of the transaction participants.

The interaction between the two participants will be a smart contract, where all the terms of the agreement will be spelled out. This will ensure healthy competition and lower rental costs. Both private individuals and companies can act as lessors. However, the latter will have to either significantly reduce their prices or provide luxury service.
Before you can conclude a smart contract, customers will be able to view the landlord’s profile, which will indicate whether the latter is a private person or a company. AVAILCOM In addition, the profile will also indicate the rating and posted reviews from previous customers. It is important to note that each customer’s profile will be carefully checked for compliance with other profiles on social networks, thus preventing false information from being placed.

The platform also provides the possibility of free access to the lease object. Thus, with the help of a smartphone tenant will be able to get access to paid housing or a car. This, in turn, eliminates the risks of fraud.
For payment of services, it will be possible to use fiat, cryptocurrency and internal tokens of the AVL site. It is important to note that when using AVL coins the Commission will not be charged for operations.
Buy a coin platform you will be able to during ICO.
Dates and details of ICO
The developers intend to release 2.2 billion coins. The public sale of coins will be held in the February 2019 year. The cost of the 1st AVL will be 0.03 dollars.
Softcap Project-3 million dollars, Hardcap-25 million dollars.
The distribution of tokens is as follows:
Conclusion : 
AVAILCOM Based on numerous studies of analysts claiming that the rental market and car rental will grow together with the decline in the cost of services in this area, it is safe to say that the project availcom can be the most successful Project of the year. This is due to the fact that it will provide low prices, honest feedback, removal of intermediaries, as well as convenient interaction. In other words, all that is deprived of modern centralized services.