AAT Network A Cryptocurrency Portofolio Management Platform featuring Artificial Intelligence and Smart Contracts

ATT Network  – Managing with a portfolio is not news. Traditional market players are already using tools that help them identify strengths and weaknesses, opportunities, and threats to maximize the performance of this call to risk. A new market, like an encrypted currency, is already large enough to have similar solutions. Although these solutions are decent enough for the current user base, they will leave room for more innovation and improvement. Modern market behavior theories usually do not fit into the crypto market. Countless growing assets in the absence of a reliable regulatory framework make Criptomonedas’s portfolio tracking ineffective. Asset management is a difficult task. Lack of decision-making data increases the attractiveness of risk to customers. The lack of knowledge and an increase in the number of fraudulent schemes lead to the possible loss of assets of the novice operators.

We need a portfolio management system that can integrate the best of traditional and modern portfolio solutions. The system must integrate newly launched assets as they arise, and also align their behavior with the overall market behavior. In addition, assets must be subject to modern theories based on artificial intelligence. For example, the ABC asset, in addition to verifying the size, valuation, growth, and size of the company, must also be registered and analyzed according to their mood on social networks using artificial intelligence tools.

The proposed portfolio management system should also introduce a climate of self-regulation where managers can create and apply their skills and knowledge through intellectual contracts. It is possible that this system is not ideal in jurisdictions that already have a normative practice for the coverage of the cryptographic currency on the part of the managers. However, in the presence of a regulatory climate, the system should be able to enforce existing policies without the need for intermediaries with the integration of intellectual contracts. On the other hand, users should receive

Free and fair management to select managers of your choice based on a common qualification and merits. In the event that the fund incurs losses, the same smart contracts can lead to a reduction in the rates for the work of the managers.

AAT is the best tracker. All active operators must use this technology. AAT helps you raise the level of your game and transfer your criptoinversión to the next level. Our platform has many advantages for the participants. AAT provides new and secure technologies to investors so they can easily enter a new world of Criptomoneda asset investment. Token, AAT is different from the main security tokens and has some real and practical use.

A token is what has a purpose, except that investors simply buy profits at a later stage, depending on the company’s management (see Security tokens). AAT provides your community with a product, not just a token for trade.

The AAT platform offers a variety of computer, management and financial reporting systems that are not available on conventional platforms for many investors investing in Crypto. AAT will provide users with real benefits, allowing them to make their important investment decisions faster and more accurate. The users must have a system provided by the system that facilitates the monitoring and monitoring of the organizations and exchanges of multiple tenants

Coins at the same time. AAT will also show the user the latest news of each currency in the commercials and graphics, as well as several individual visual representations of their portfolio
That show their investment more clearly. AAT will show the difference in the cost of a currency
Against the fact that you bought it as part of our security measures for AAT users, we will
Store the accounting information in a private file for storage. Your customers will even benefit from the use of our platform. AAT generates customer reports to inform them of their progress.

Smart contract
The AAT platform will be built on the Ethereum platform and use various intellectual contracts to ensure the verification of users and investors in our network, keep the pockets of our investors and customers and verify the conditions that are will be fulfilled for the funds to be included in our portfolio. All transactions that occur on the AAT platform are performed using the AAT marker, which is the ERC 20 marker on the Ethereum platform.

Tokens Sale
All sales processes will be passed through the ShapeShift function. The project has a Soft Cap of 5 million (5 million) and a maximum limit of 27 million (27 million). If these objectives are not achieved, the funds will be returned to the participants ‘ portfolios

The asset allocation token (AAT) is a utility token supported by the ERC20, used as the primary payment medium and the AAT platform token. It will be available for Etherium and Bitcoin during the next sale (TGE). An important part of the capital raised during the AAT TGE will be devoted to research and development of intellectual contracts and solutions for AI. All AAT receipts will be converted to Etherium through the ShapeShift function. Then, the converted funds will be sent to the intellectual contract, which serves as a conditional deposit. A smart contract will perform an audit before the start of AAT TGE for your security by an independent audit company. Once the TGE is finished, the escrow agreement will distribute the AAT tokens in the “My Ether” folder to depositors at the time the Soft Cap goal is reached. 40% of the total amount of funds raised will be sent to the CEO and the founder to fund the NE Needs business development AAT, and 50% will be sent to another address of the smart contract. From there, the new intelligent contract will dissipate the funds according to the agreed milestones, to be established monthly in the official memorandum of AAT Token TGE.

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