Atomic Wallet – Universal Multi-Assets Wallet

Atomic Wallet – The security of tokens does not speak only lazy, and now the most reliable and faultless option of storage of assets, it is a cold crypto purse. Only in this way investors and users can save their money without fear of actions of intruders. For a reliable storage option, you can use Atomic Wallet, which has developed its own management standard and also has technical documentation for the development of the ecosystem.

General Information
The main objective of the project is to reduce the direction of efforts to ensure the effective management of cryptographic assets. By reducing the cost of reliable cryptographic storage schemes, you leave your wallet to work transparent and secure. That is, the service offers you to use the ultra-reliable variants of storage of cryptographic assets, which are provided by special protocols by management algorithms.

To improve performance and interoperability, the project team has offered an improved version of its Crypto wallet interface. Now the user can easily navigate the site and manage their tokens. You can store and share tokens that are officially traded on crypto sites in your crypto wallet. At this point, you can manage databases over 500 tokens.

The technical part of the project
According to the developers, the project will pursue several tasks, with each task will be configured individual solutions with the use of available management functionality.
The Atomic Wallet Crypto Wallet will perform the following tasks:
1. Get cryptococcoses in the generated version of Cryptopurse.
2. Import the existing assets into the crypto-wallet using the secret keys of different management standards.
3. Storage of the received secret keys in a special protective environment.
4. Transfer tokens from one user’s address to another specified purse.
5.choose your reliable control unit for further application of the crypto wallet environment.
6. The integration of blockchain as a variant of the defensive environment of management of the existing crypto actives.
The purse itself has an aphorism management principle, which uses for accounting and management of the SPV protocol standard that is, there are schemes of simplified checking of payments control. This standard will allow avoiding complex schemes of the long-term mode of synchronization of the blockchain. Atomic Wallet In addition to the control will be used a blockchain-synchronization mechanism called Full node wallets.

Management principle
All secret keys will be stored in a mode that identifies the user of the Crypto wallet. For instant exchange you will be able to choose one of the two options:
 ShapeShift. The option will be displayed by default. This option automatically picks up a competitive rate for the user of the purse on the selected token and on the defined Exchange, sales and purchase path. If necessary, you can uncheck this option and choose the second option to Exchange tokens.
 Change. This option has all the parameters of the exchange, as originally provided for the use of data cryptocurrency Exchange change. Now you can exchange 90 Altkoins, set a favorable market price for the buyer and seller. At the moment, the service of Cryptobriji uses more than 1.8 million. Users from all over the world. Every day the platform carries out up to 15,000 operations, the monthly volume of trading reaches 60 thousand bitcoins.
Each option is set by the users themselves, but the recommended option is ShapeShift.
Project Token
Crypto has its own internal AWC token, which will accrue to ecosystem users for their operations.
 Binding Standard – ERC – 20.
 Until September 1, 20128 the token has been pressed.
 After September 1, 2018, the Crowdsale will start.
 For sale allocated 65 mln. Awc.
 A total number of tokens – 100 million Awc.

Atomic Wallet The security of token storage has been said a lot, and browser versions of cold purses will become a help for crypto investors. Currently, work is underway to develop mobile versions of cold purses that will work with operating systems IOS and Android. The browser version is already in Access for Windows, Linux and MacOs. The best option for token storage is the Atomic Wallet ecosystem purse.


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