ATLANT is The Real Estate Revolution!

ATLANT is The Real Estate Revolution!

Hello world! You’re reading a new article in my blog that I want to share news about. It will be useful to everyone interested in cryptocurrency, its generation, and the transactions carried out on Kriptobirzhah. This is a sale, developing project. Soon, the project developers are about to run the KRAUDSEJLA. ATLANT, that’s how they the organizers of your project

Developers develop it on the basis of popular blockchain technology as an international platform. ATLANT will be the internet site where real estate operations can be carried out. The task for the organizers is rather complex. Turnovers per year this one of the world’s most stable assets is trillions in dollar equivalents. Developers want this market to become more likvidnej, and it must be transparent. According to the organizers, the new platform will implement the property token Offering or, if translated into Russian, the property tokens. They will be placed on stock exchanges and used in real estate transactions. As a result, the transfer of ownership of real estate will take place through a simpler procedure. This is very relevant in international real estate transactions. The tokens will also help to get rid of intermediaries and optimize issues related to taxation in real estate transactions.


The new project specializes in renting real estate. Dealing with issues of dispute and a lower percentage of commissioned arbitration will be decentralized. And this is an undeniable plus in such cases. The P2P market, which works without intermediation and is an unalterable advanced blockchain technology, which allows for the release of valid ratings and reviews will also have advantages over the normal real estate market.

You can learn more about the new project at Whitepaper. The information is translated into Russian, but it is better studied in English. A short video is also placed on YouTube about this project.


At the bottom of this post, I’ll put in a link that will let you know about the platform information.

Next, I’ll talk about Initial coin offering or a reduced .ico about attracting investors and platform tokens that will be distributed between them before they appear on the exchange.

The organizers of ATLANT decided to launch the ICO (this form of attraction today is very common) instead of the usual shares and other types of investment. From 01.08 to 19.08 this year, a preliminary sale or sale is carried out. The platform builders are expected to implement platform tokens in the number 5 625 000 in this period. A subsequent phase of KRAUDSEJL is appointed at 07.09 this year. Project token implementations are increased to 315 000 000. The remaining tokens must be eliminated.

New platform tokens are tokens of popular blockchain technology for another common cryptocurrency Ethereum. This follows that the ATL token that wishes to receive must have an electronic wallet that is used to store the ERC20 tokens. In this sense, Myetherwallet’s wallet, which is the best way to store a virtual currency Ethereum, would be perfect. Ethereum Smart contracts will be used for Kraudfajdinga. This means that the Ethereum from the owner’s electronic wallet can be enumerated at the ETH address. On the Internet resource, owners can easily find the address.
  • Those who acquire the tokens of the new ATLANT platform are participants and can count on such preferences:
  • Investors are awarded fees from P2P leasing operations;
  • The Commission also goes from Tokenization real estate;
  • Investors have the right to vote when managers or legal companies are elected;
  • They participate in determining the size of the commissions;
  • Investors who perform the work of an arbitrator in resolving disputes over the leasing of a P2P are entitled to expect additional profits;
  • Participants can offer new ideas that can improve platform functionality and effectiveness;
  • All investors are equal in rights regardless of how much they have platform tokens.
  • Now the presale of tokens has already brought the project $1 100 000. At this point, the course is 1010 ATL/1
    Ethereum. When the KRAUDSEJLA starts, the cost of ATL will grow by half.
  • Now investors are buying ATP tokens. At the end of Initial coin offering, these tokens are translated into ATL. 2 ATL will be available for 1 ATP.

    Keep in mind that the fact that a Ethereum to a smart contract is only possible from an electronic wallet where you can store ERC20 tokens. Ethereum cannot be transferred from purses not destined for Coinbase tokens or from the purses of Bittrex, POLONIEX and other stock exchanges. As has been said, the ideal in this case will be myetherwallet.

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