ATHERO – New Era of Cryptofinance for the Internet 3.0

ATHERO – Technology blockchain has the potential to create new business models that provide measurable and measurable benefits for the public and private sectors. The future blockchain is not a network to manage them all, but many block networks such as the Internet. Electronic money is the last-ever boom, which is everywhere today. Bìtkojn was a great success for the first e-money, which is evidenced by any financial expert.

Athero-a platform designed to improve the commerce by combining Internet of Things and technology blockchain. Athero includes a distributed operating system with open-source, using virtual business in business networks and a coherent algorithm for implementing more advanced offline solutions for information flow and product search needs.

While design Athero inspired by the design of previous blocks, it also conducts decades of research in various areas of parallel and distributed computing, mathematics and programming language programming. The platform includes a modular transverse design that obliges to develop software and industrial extensibility. Simply put, Athero-a highly profitable global Kryptoalnaya ecosystem that does not rely on banks or other financial institutions. Athero protocol aims at solving key tasks that restrict the exchange of experience and integrity of data in the intellectual chain of the product.

Athero-A new protocol blockchain, designed and optimized specifically for business and market applications. Using Athero, all stakeholders can safely share their data and keep sensitive data safe. Athero is a company, not an ecosystem. Athero technology compares network blocks to Internet networks.
Athero connects smaller and varied networks to create a truly global chain that can expand and expand the Internet. Athero-is a public based on the roadblocks, decentralized, distributed and cost-effective computing platform. Combining two advanced technologies-blockchain and Internet of Things, Athero provides a very large-scale and safe electronic system of money.

Platform Structure ICO Athero-is a distributed, economically sustainable infrastructure of State computing, focused on growth and prosperity. Athero-is a platform for improving business transactions, uniting the technology of the Internet of Things and the technology of block chains. Design Athero is based on the design of the previous block-chain but has implemented decades of research even in the area of parallel distributed computing, mathematics and programming language programming.

The ecosystem that unites finance, the block, and the Internet. The complex platform is built on the platform of a block there.

THO-Global, open source and a decentralized supercomputer, to which anyone can access. It is security, reliably and rapidly expanding. The toner Athero THO will be specified in several top-level exchange points.

 Reasonable contractual applications (DAAPS)
 Decentralized P2P Network
 Wifi ready Solar Network Smart Bench (IOT)
 The technology of intellectual parking (IOT)
 Retrieving and disseminate data IOT
 Decentralized domain system with ready-to-exchange data
 Sensory air and contamination sensors (IOT)
 Centralized Exchange
 A rapidly expanding community

Basic technology Chain THO
Athero Chain (THO) adopted asymmetric encryption. As long as the private key is stored correctly, the data cannot be broken even if they are assembled. At the same time, all nodes in the THO level, protecting the privacy of users. Moreover, based on the character that is impossible to block the block chain, manufacturers and service providers will not be able to interfere with user information. We aim to use in real life. Athero will fill the empty space in the model of the current economy.

Details of ICO
Public sales ICO will start:
September 20, 2018, Saturday, 11:00
ICO’s public sales will end:
January 15, 2019, Friday 11:00 (GMT)

Bonus structure:
1st Month 30% (1 THO = 0.028 USD)
2nd month 20% (1 THO = 0.032 USD)
3rd month 10% (1 THO = 0.036 USD)
4th Month 0% (1 THO = 0.04 USD)


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