ASTORGAME Esports and Online Gambling Platform !!!

ASTORGAME  utilizing this new technology as the market leader in the online gaming world and by recognizing the game and modeling, transparency, efficiency and security to improve the quality and to give added value to the customer, betting, the fun online.

AstorGame is not merely token traded and used by investors to turn a profit. AstorGame aims to be a company that is part of the established markets. This is the method for recruiting investors and ask for our clients see. We are based on our values as a company to strengthen stability and increase in capital. In this way, the value of assets increased organically, and holder of tokens that have benefited from the increase in value of the same can also enjoy a reliable annual dividends paid by Astorgame.

Contract intelligent (Smart Contract) and conditions Fair (Fair)
It is possible that Provably Fair is already used by some online casinos, but online casino does not provide both applications at the same platform. Fair use that generates random numbers and CSRNGN does not warrant that the casinos would give compensation legally or financially. It will not be lost in accordance with this pot. This is the reason why smart contract is more important. This is because you can program to maintain the padded bets until you know if users are winning bets. If a user WINS, there is no way for the owners of the casinos to keep a pot or delaying payment, as happened in many houses of gambling
AstorGame is the first company to combine the two platforms for the benefit of the client.

Platform Games Online
✔️ eSports Games and Tournaments
✔️ ICE Sports (Including Deals
✔️ The Ability Of Betting Live) Sports Betting (Including Live Betting Ability)
✔️ Casino Games
✔️ Sweepstakes

The growth of the global eSports
Amateur players are segments of the market with a lot of possibilities because it is a large group with a willingness to buy a video game, play bet and watch the game via video streaming and invest in it. There are many viewers of this type to viewers, that will increase to 191 million in 2017.
Viewers occasionally reached 194 million per year, with a total of 385 million viewers participating in the event, consume the products and make bets online.

Viewer Growth ESports
Here we will discuss potential business opportunities in the electronic Sports Division
Sports betting and online casino
This is the second platform to form where clients could bet on various sports contests such as football, basketball and so on. We will be placing the bed of life, we plan on offering a service that could compete on a global level. In addition, users can enjoy the diversity
Online casino games like poker, blackjack, roulette, slots etc. With bet direct, you can bet in some markets and bet. The amount of the stakes can be counted almost every second. In addition, web response time becomes longer, and events are updated in real time.

At AstorGame, we plan to provide direct service contract with smart, efficient service, good opportunities and reality, we will send a third party to perform the check and payment of bets and prizes you can give the forwarding This service to people around the world without requiring it. If the bettor placing bets on football matches or boxing match, the platform will make smart contracts and continue to bet. The result confirmed automatically, and pot that corresponds to the prize is transferred to the winner.

To provide customer service that is reliable, fast, secure and prima: this is one of our efforts to AstorGame.

The growth of the global market of sports betting in 2020
Betting on sporting events is an important part of the economy. This is a business that has experienced a deregulation and expansion around the world for decades, into a multimillion dollar business. Currently, sports betting is the product of the mass market with the involvement of the public.
Because of the spread of the internet and mobile devices that can be accessed quickly on the occasion, the convenience of wagering in general increased. Satellite TV channels and live football coverage coverage around the world are increasingly cared for and easily accessible, the bed life is widely used and people can bet money for such action. Got a chance to shake up the flow of the game.

Sports betting is the only game formats that increase the level of participation over the last 10 years (Gainsbury et al., 2014). About 13% of adult Australia already bet on sports (Hing, Gainsbury dkk, 2014). We will spend three times between the years 2005 and 2017, and sustainable growth. (Deloitte, 2012; A Joint Committee Of The Reform Struggle [JSCGR]). This growth does not only involve the transmission through the newer media such as the Internet, mobile platforms, social media and other means of communication, but also the promotion of betting live and televised sports.

Token Distribution
Crowd 77%
The developer team of 20%
Bonus 3%

Use Of Funds
✔️ The development of 25%
✔️ Marketing 25%
✔️ Smooth assets 20%
✔️ Fund houses a 10%
✔️ Legal issues 10%
✔️ 10%
Token AstorGame

The token Astor worth $100 million will be issued without an extra token. This is a token 20 based on ERC compatible chain block
Token Name:
✔️ The project Protocol ASTOR: ERC 20
✔️ Total: 100 million = 100%
✔️ Token sales: 60 million = 60%
✔️ Sales in advance: 17 million = 17%
✔️ Sale date: January 10, 2018
✔️ The Number Of Tokens
✔️ Per Capacity: Unlimited Pre-sale Details
✔️ Sales period: 14 days in advance
✔️ Start date: January 10, 2018 00:00
✔️ End date: January 23, 2018 UTC (or until it runs out)
✔️ The purchase marks the beginning: 17 million
✔️ price: 1 ETH = 670 ASTOR
✔️ number of transactions: 1 minute

Details of the sale of ASTOR
✔️ Sales period: 45 days Token
✔️ Start date: January 29, 2018 00:00 UTC
✔️ end date: March 31, 2018 (or until sold out)
✔️ Token token: 60 million available for sale
✔️ price: 1 ETH = 670
✔️ minutes ASTOR transaction amount: 1

✔️ 80% (buy 100 ASTOR = 180 ASTOR)
✔️ Week 1:70% (buy 100 ASTOR = 170 ASTOR)
✔️ Week 2 (buy 100 ASTOR = 180 ASTOR) 90 first hour (buy 100 ASTOR = 190 ASTOR): 60% (Received 160 ASTOR when you buy 100 ASTOR)
✔️ Week 1:40% (100 purchase ASTOR will receive 140 ASTOR)
✔️ Week 2:30% (100 ASTOR = 130 ASTOR purchased)
✔️ Sunday 5:5% (100 = 105 Astar ASTOR purchased)
✔️ 6th week: Week 3:10% (purchase 100 ASTOR = 110 ASTER) Sunday 5:20% (100 ASTOR = 120 ASTOR purchased) 0% (100 = 100 aster aster purchased)


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