Asobi Coin – The world’s first Distributed Secondary Content Platform

Asobi Coin  – Hello everyone, today I want to tell you about such a project as Asobi. To start a few words about the company Asobimo. It is a Japanese company, they create online games, a very large experience, as many as 15 years and 600 employees around the world. Some of their games are Avabel online, Toram online, Iruna online. The total number of downloads was 50 million, sales in the game Avabel online for the amount of 200 million dollars.
Asobimo – Game items, e-books, music, videos All of this is available in one place with a content license

The project has two awards:
• The best developer of Google play
• App Store Game Grand Prix Division Award

The purpose of this project is to create a platform where you can buy the product and sell it, the name of the platform Asobi Market. It is worth noting that such platforms already exist, but the drawback is that users do not grant the right to own the product. For example, if one of these platforms closes, the user will not be able to use the purchased product. Asobi Market will grant the right to own the content, and the decentralized system of protection that protects the transaction is also used.

You can buy or sell the following:
• Video
• Music
• Game Items
You can buy the product both from the manufacturer and the user for a lower price. After the sale of the goods money will be credited to your purse. This platform will also be of interest not only to users but also to manufacturers. If you consider the Amazon platform, when you sell a used book, the publisher will not profit from it. Smart contracts will be used in the Asobi market, and profits will be shared and distributed automatically.

For example, the book costs 10 dollars, the smart contract will distribute the profit as follows:
• The seller will receive 5 dollars
• The publisher will receive 3.5 dollars
• The author will receive 1.5 dollars
The purchase of items will consist of 4 stages:
1. The user uses ASOBI COIN to make purchases on the site
2. A license is created and sent to the storage
3. This license is assigned to the user
4. After the user has received the license, he/she can use his/her purchase
Trade in items also consists of 4 stages:
1. The seller puts his goods for sale at the desired price, or he can put the price recommended by the site
2. The buyer pays the Ogovarivaemuju amount, which is sent to the system
3. The system pays the money to the seller
4. The buyer obtains a license for this product

In addition, you will have the opportunity to create and sell your own games and comics. To do this, you will need to download it into the so-called cloud, where it will be protected, then you can put it for sale.
The value of the token is that when you make purchases in games using this token, you get a 50% discount.
Token information:
• Name ABX
• Price of one token 0.01 dollar
• Platform ERC-20
• Maximum emission of 16.5 Millard tokens

1. globality. This project is global because it is related to the gaming industry. It is an industry that develops very quickly from year to year.
2. Finished product. In my opinion, this is the main plus of this project, this company is the developers of online games with 15 years of experience. The total number of downloads of their games is 50 million. Quite an impressive amount.
3. The advantage for all. Here everyone will benefit from this platform. Let’s start with the user. He gets a certificate to buy his goods, it will be his guarantor. The user can buy directly from the manufacturer and used by other users for a lower cost. The benefit for manufacturers is that even when selling used from one user to another, it will receive a portion of the profit.

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