Argentas – The Argentas Ecosystem: the Future of Money

Argentas – Blockchain technology transforms every element of our lifestyle from payments into transactions, even by attracting private funds for new businesses and businesses. As innovation continues to gain momentum, there is the talk of how the traditional banking system can adopt or even replace technology.

At the same time, Argentas is already portraying the potential to replace our existing banking system with our solution. Using blockchain technology, Argentas proposes to create a cryptographically secure channel for sending and receiving digital assets without relying on third-party companies. That’s how the tools promise to automate our bureaucratic processes in the banking sector.

What is Argentas?
The Argentas economic ecosystem works with the main network interface of blockhouses and unifying objects and eventually a decentralized application platform for commercial operations. The fundamental concept with Argentas remains a potential opportunity to become the final Solution for global finance by eliminating our traditional and inefficient banking system.

Blockaain Financial EcoSystem Project from Argentas
Argentas determined that in order to ensure a successful financial system they would need to use the Blockchain protocol, which would mean a synergistic ecosystem. The architecture of Argentas is based on this concept and works to create automatic internal synergies that amplify and increase the cost. Some of its features include:

The Argentas platform develops a protocol and a block chain with components such as exchanges, native wallets, and other interfaces in Hydranet. Hydranet Interfaces and bridge object The network interface has its own hydranet wallet, which helps to carry out transactional operations with digital assets. Argentas can also collaborate or create various network bridges, similar to banking units, to meet strategic goals.

Dapp economy
Argentas strives to use the network to create a decentralized applied economy that will work on processing, investing, identity management, credit rating, venture capital and lending.
Argentas Benefits

Argentas have a fast transaction system with a confirmation time of 2-5 seconds as the base option. Scalability The transaction targets allow you to place at least 50-60 thousand transactions per second with a lot of research in the Lightning Network. `
No Loot A consensus-based verification system is a primary mechanism that does not have evidence or evidence that consumes more Argentas  processing power and is less environmentally friendly.

The lack of mining ensures that argentas consumes less processing power, resulting in lower network and capacity throughput. In the end, it allows lowering prices. Transparency and flexibility The Argentas network is open to all who want to participate and their system strive to ensure full financial integration Smart Sharding Argentas reduces Network load and increases overall network throughput through intelligent scalding capabilities. Intuitive user interfaces

User interfaces will include their own wallet, which is a tool to facilitate the intuitive purchase, sale, and transfer of value. Argenten Axu Token & ICO More Argentas will not hold ICO for its Axu tokens. Instead, they will have token allocation. You can purchase a token from Stellarport.

Token Ticker-AXU
Token Price: 0.4 XLM for 1 Axu
Accepted payment method: XLM
Total delivery: 600 million
Standard token: Star

Conclusion :
Argentas  Despite the fact that every potential associated with blocking becomes the next banking industry, disruption does not happen overnight, and it will take a long time before businesses such as Argentas become significant forces on the market. Moreover, the Argentas project is relatively new, and it is not yet prepared for a fair judgment,


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