Arbidex Provides Cryptocurrency Traders With a Much-Needed Solution

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ARBIDEX The development of Cryptocurrency from time to time more and more. There are some quality Cryptocurrency and have a great future. However, an awful lot of Cryptocurrency which was created without the future just for being played by the Pope for a benefit for him and very rugii once if you invest or trade coin that has no future. I myself never experienced it when buying coin unclear future. How do we analyze Crypto currency that has a bright future? How many ways is included in fundamental analysis.
Features Roadmap
The roadmap is very important in the course of a cryptocurrency. If his roadmap is clear and very interesting it will be easy to attract investors with the Pope. Have a great potential in the future.

Clear Whitpaper
Whitepaper is a detail of a cryptocurrency. The clarity of a cryptocurrency its all there in the whitepaper, as a team, the history of the crypto tercipatanya X, etc.
Having a strong community
The community is the strength of a Cryotocurrency. Cryptocurrency which has a strong community is very difficult to Cryptocurrency brought down by others. This is very diperluakan in building a Cryptocurrency that has a future.
Here I will introduce a Cryptocurrency that has the potential in the future i.e. ARBIDEX. ARBIDEX is a Cryptocurrency that has a bright future.

ARBIDEX is the first TRADE platfrom collect liquidity. Arbidex connected with stock exchanges such as bitfinex, bittrex, poloniex, WEX, Kraken and GDAX.
A very interesting feature of ARBIDEX one of them is automatic arbitasi system. With arbitasi we can benefit more quickly than trade
ARBIDEX is very useful for the arbitasi. Arbitrage is a technique in the trade to get huge profits through a huge market of 2 selesih. With ARBIDEX it will be easier to do arbitasi. ARBIDEX is designed to assist the arbitasi in order to be easier to do arbitasi. The creation of ARBIDEX function:
Increase jumlan in the bitcoin arbitasi (depending on how many tokens are dihold).
Lower the cost of Trade Commission of up to 0.07% (this also depends on how many tokens are dihold).
Give nontifikasi to coin a new use of sound.
ARBIDEX is very useful to help in doing arbitasi. arbitasi now gets easier with his ARBIDEX created.
Come have ARBIDEX token immediately by joining the ICO. ARBIDEX has a bright future for the holder of the token. Follow ICO ARBIDEX to get his token.

Tokensale Details
1 ABX = 1 USD
Total token supply: 25 million ABX
Number of tokens: sold 17.2 million ABX
Number of tokens: 2.8 million team ABX
Advisor: 2 million ABX
Candangan ABX: 2.5 million ABX
Bounty: 500.000 ABX
Private placement (completed)
CAPP: $2 million
Bonus: 20%
Number of tokens: 2.4 million
Presale: Dec. 11 — Dec 25
Cap: $4 million
Bonus: 20%
Number of tokens: 4.8 million
Token sale: Jan 11 — Jan 29
Cap: $10 million
Number of tokens: 10 million
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