Apollon – Leading Transformation of pan-Entertainment Industry

Apollon – Platform “Blockchain” aspires to enter into all spheres of life of the society and to play in each of them the role. There are a lot of projects based on “blockchain”; They try to attract people’s attention and gain popularity. One of the developments-“Apollon” (hereinafter-“Apollo”)-promises to its users some unique opportunities. Let’s try to find out what is offered there?

The basic concept of “Apollon”
Among other projects that rely on “blockchain”, Apollo occupies a special place. He wants to become a link between all spheres of life of modern society. Apollo proposes to achieve this by “gathering” together existing payment systems in various industrial activities and to support this association with the help of “blockchain”.
At present, the project’s possibilities are realized only in the sphere of entertainment, but in the future, the developers of “Apollon” are going to expand their influence. In the entertainment industry “Apollon” is making every effort to join the top ten of the most advanced information systems operating in this industry. He wants to leave his mark on the development history of the chosen sphere.

The sphere of entertainment and its future
The sphere of entertainment has existed in the society for a long time, but its influence on the world economy is constantly increasing and continues to grow. It has been estimated that in the current century the entertainment industry has an amount exceeding $1 trillion. Try to guess what amount of daily accumulates in this area. You can build different theories and guesses, but keep in mind that the entertainment industry does not have a single monetary unit.
The use of different types of currency makes it impossible to compile analytical reviews and conduct any accounting operations. And Apollo will try to change the situation.

The impact of “Apollon” on the entertainment industry
We have already talked about the aspiration of the Apollo project to devote its energies to the development of all spheres of society. On an example of the influence of “Apollon” on a sphere of entertainment, it is possible to see that possibilities of platform “blockchain” give positive result both for organizers of entertainments and for active users-observers.
You can also remember the capabilities provided by smart contracts and make sure that the entire “blockchain” platform is useful for the industry.

The elements of the Apollo Toolkit can be seen in its technical descriptions and documents:
 The entertainment sphere itself,
 Providing protection for transactions, thanks to the tools
 A decent level of payment for goods and services,
 Two-tier digital currency, which will be mentioned in the article
A few words.
The two-tier currency in the Apollo Project uses the US dollar as a currency. It consists of “APO” (a combination of two transactions, where there is a dependence on liquidity) and “Litecoincash” (or “Lcash”) with a fixed cost.
In addition to the entertainment sphere, the project was able to attract esports, tourism and the financial industry to “blockchain”. “Apollon” makes efforts to minimize the costs of all these industries in the future when committing transactions on the “Blockchain” platform.
To realize the association on “blockchain” of different directions and spheres of human activity-the leading goal of the Apollo developers, which they want to achieve before the onset of 2020.

What does Apollo offer for the entertainment industry in the future?
 The appearance of a wide variety of video games;
 More options when choosing a language in the game interface;
 “Continental” Division of new games on the version: on each Territory
There will be a game version;
 Tournaments between players as well as tournaments involving
Game creators;
 Organization of tournaments of international scale, for participation in them, can be
will get certain bonuses;
 During the passage of various games will be accumulated points.
Especially active players will be awarded prizes in the format of
Cryptocurrency and they will be able to use such remuneration to
Their operations on the platform;
 Age for participation in the games on the platform “blockchain”-“16 +”.

Who is Apollo?
Executive Director-Alan Lau. The creation and further promotion of the project “Apollon” are attended by people with extensive experience, different knowledge, and skills. Tokens in the System ” APO” The creators of the project think about releasing their own token. It will be called “APO”; It is planned to release more than tokens.

Conclusion :
The project “Apollon” in its activity aspires to use many achievements of “blockchain” and to unite under the beginning various spheres of activity of the society. And time will show how much Apollo can achieve its goal.

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