AMLT: The Token Of Compliance by Coinfirm

AMLT Consists of experienced professionals from compliance, AML, virtual currency, blockchain and technology ecosystem, Coinfirm team gathered in the year 2015 under the vision to bring new levels of transparency and efficiency in serving the whole blockchain ecosystem, spread its benefits to the economy. and enable the mass market to use it safely. From that vision, Global Standard i.e. Coinfirm AML/CTF Platform (also referred to as a ‘ Platform ‘) has been built.

Now, Coinfirm takes the next step to implement AML/CTF compliance are effective and allow greater transparency and democratization by involving financial system market participants actively with AMLT.

AMLT used in Coinfirm AML/CTF Platform is the puzzle that is missing to bring virtual currency into the mainstream in a way that is safe, secure and convenient. This helps the Exchange, payment processing, financial institutions and all players in the financial system to manage risk related regulation of the transfer of the value of blockchain. This allows network members to provide information, assess market participants more democratically and help determine the risks associated with the entity and the counterparty using virtual currency.

AML/CTF related to risk management, not just strict laws, rules and regulations that must be followed. There is also an internal assessment of the level required by the company is obliged to establish the correct risk management model. AMLT helps innovative compliance while involving and giving useful participation for users virtual currency.

Why Should AMLT?
Confirm AML/CTF Network Platform and its AMLT aims to establish a global standard for AML/CTF which allows transparency to transaction-based species and blockchain.

Every business that participates in the network of AMLT helped expose the money from illegal sources, protect ecosystems from the risk associated with it, and can provide their information to the network to judge others.

We Invite You To Create A New Economy With Us:
✔️AMLT is the token for a prepaid products and the right of access to the network Coinfirm AML/CTF already.
✔️Network members receive AMLT to provide assessment and information about a specific address-this is the fuel that makes the system be democratic and contradicts the State arbitrarily.
✔️This enables compliance and transparency in all transactions, help the overall situation of the ecosystems become more secure and connected to the global economy
✔️AMLT build a secure and democratic network which gives transparency to the world currency crypto, helping the complaint with a number of regulatory requirements.

How Does AMLT Work?
✔️AMLT helps market participants to access data about the risks associated with currency related entities crypto-using AMLT to get your report and benefit fully from the economic currency crypto
✔️This brings the efficiency and effectiveness of AML/CTF compliance and democratization for market participants globally
✔️User AMLT will help define good and bad offender in the market with a precision beyond the reach of current financial system – help the system unfairly exclude individuals in countries at risk or high risk due to based on a global network of data providers in the democratic than one or several arbitrators Center

Benefits Are Available For The User AMLT:
Discounts for access to the platform Coinfirm AML/CTF reports and AML/CTF
Access to an exclusive Knowledge, material and content
The Benefits Are Only Available To Members Of The Network: AMLT
Ask AMLT to contribute valid data about crypto currency to address network

Details Of The Sale Of Tokens
Schedule Token Sales November 28, 2017
The Purchase Token Ethereum, Bitcoin, Dashcoin
The price of a Token 1 AMLT = 0.0003387075 ETH
Bonus 10%-30%
A total of 400 million Token Supply AML

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