Alt Estate REAL ESTATE ALT Protocol Will Become an Industry Standard

Alt Estate Housing investment is a very promising investment. Many great opportunities for profit in the real estate market. But that happens at this time to invest in the real estate field is very complicated, one of which is transparency. A limit price high enough to invest in housing is also a problem for middle-class society down. Many of the principal problems in housing, invest like a high liquidity, the lack of price transparency, ownership transfer process is slow and cumbersome, transaction costs are high, even investing in housing investments that quite risky because of the many scams in this regard. The principal problem of housing investment to date has not been solved completely to the investment process that is effective and efficient.

ALT. Estate brings innovation to solve existing problems in the real estate market with carrying blockchain technology. With blockchain technology will bring a real estate market where real estate registration is recorded in the blockchain and all the information can be combined in a great book in investing so that housing will be more transparent and secure. Not only that, the transaction will be done faster without intermediaries with lower transaction fees than the traditional process during this run. ALT. Estate will promote cryptocurrency and blockchain technology to be applied in the field of housing investment. The company will partner with Government or private. Direct interaction with the Government and leaders will be crucial for the long term.

ALT. Estate is a company that has the vision to promote cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies by creating a clear incentive for market players. ALT Estate also offers solutions for corporate compromise, investment companies, and also a broker. They are interested in finding a new sales channel and is ready to allocate a portion of its marketing budget to promote Alt. The company offers a protocol that allows for exchanging assets using a token that allows the small players can participate in trading. Any person who has real estate assets can register on the platform. The project tokenization is a project Alt Estate real estate with the first B2B marketing strategy.

Advantages of the project:
opportunity to buy 1/1,000 share of the property.
All tokens, transactions, management and other fees must be paid exclusively by special cryptocurrency ALT tokens.
Custom tokens are traded on the secondary market in the Alt. Estate Platform or other Exchange or peer-to-peer transactions.
Traditional costs up to 30% of the value of the property are excluded tokenization.
Individuals and institutions can buy or sell shares.
Property tokens are issued and sold to buyers.
The protocol of the ALT. Estate token is a combination of intellectual contracts, technologies and legal structures used on the platform and is offered as a ready solution for various players in the real estate market. This protocol allows developers, brokers, investment companies and other property owners to gain access to new markets and sell their real estate assets or improve funding faster and with better requirements.

On this platform, the user can invest in real estate participating without having to buy the real estate. It is so helpful to medium circles participated in the investment real estate. All sellers 3rd Alt Estate on the platform through the procedures and specific requirements. The Protocol runs in two phases, namely the business model and Crowdfunding protocol that transformed into a real market estate a decentralized P2P tokenized. ALT. Estate Protocol will be based on the existing legal framework and prepared for the future. On the model of crowdfunding and securitization of real estate that is intended to be used on it. The rights protected by the Treaty will benefit the nominee. Token SQM can represent shares in SPV without belief structure. Token SQM will be valid proof of ownership of the assets. At this stage, it is not necessary the structure of SPE. This can be implemented as technology blockchain will be adopted by the national legislation on the registration of title.
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ICO Alt. Estate
To get the token ALT, you can follow the ICO Alt Estate. ICO lasted from 1 March until a certain time or if the HarCap from the ICO already achieved, namely 30 million USD. The price of a token is 100,000 ALT ALT = 1 ETH. Here are into details of ICO:
Token Symbols: ALT
Type: ERC20
Initial price: 1 ETH = 100000 ALT
Platform: Ethereum
Soft cap: 1 million USD
Hard cap: 30 million USD
Released tokens: 5 billion ALT

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