ALPHATECA – Hello everyone, this was a great day with a very interesting life project… Alphateca has read this article to better understand the back seat, the project, and its benefits. Alphateca-An encryption global market where every user can fulfill the function as buyer and seller or seller of all kinds of products and services that can be purchased as payment for the cryptocurrency. Sell your tablet, car, boat, makeup music or rare works from popular computer games to visit Alphateca and offer a few clicks, make sure your portfolio is in 10 minutes without leaving home – usually all of them! Tens of thousands of people see your ad every day, and someone will love it. In a short time, you will find customers, you pay for Cryptokoshelek, and you secretly purchase items from hundreds of categories in the Cryptomarket.

Alphateca’s mission is to move the Internet trade to a new level and use encrypted money in everyday life.
Ico from July 1 to August
Alphateca’s work works:
Alphateca is based on two principles: global expectations to promote the use of loyalty and cryptograms in everyday life in traditional currencies. Everything starts with instant recording: With just a few clicks, you can create an account to buy or sell anything anywhere in the world. If you don’t have a cryptographic wallet, we’ll show you how to get it. With Alphateca, everyone can easily enter the crypto world.

Make a CRYPT!
We are interested in guaranteeing a successful working environment at Cryptomarket. That’s why we applied all the advantages of modern scientific knowledge to Alphateca, Cryptomarket.
We offer a wide range of product categories across the world efficiently to manage the highest level of crypto, tutorials, smart systems support, transaction security tools: All this is collected for you in one place.
Our mission is to take the Internet trade to a new level and offer you the opportunity to use the cryptocurrency in your daily life.
Alphateca is a global cryptomarket where each user can act as a buyer or seller, to sell or purchase a variety of services or assets that use cryptocurrencies as a means of payment. Imagine you only have 10 minutes to create your personal wallet without leaving your home, go to Alphateca and sell it in just a few clicks, from popular computer games to tablets, cars, yachts, your essay song or rare Deliver artifacts.
Tens of thousands of people see your stuff every day, they’ll love it. In a very short period of time, you can find buyers, receive payments in crypto, and buy the things you need from hundreds of categories in cryptomarket with confidence. No need to withdraw funds from all cryptographic systems: you can pay directly from your crypto wallet for any product or service.

Cryptomarket You
Provides the best tools for operations around the world
. You can buy or order anything from any country that pays the crypto money.
All in one
A wide range of products and services are collected in Cryptomarket with an easy-to-use interface. You don’t need to browse the NET and browse websites and bookmarks: you have alphateca.
Warranty Service
Suspect? We’ll make sure we get security.
Fast and cheap
Transactions, commission transactions with cryptocurrencies will appear lower than those offered by any bank.
Advanced Support
Specifically, we have given direct support to your frequently asked questions, tutorials, manuals, forums and above all.
Better sell
You can make an auction! And if you know someone who might be interested, then it’ll be great, a special auction!
How does Alphateca work? Alphateca
It is based on two principles: the commitment to the traditional currency and the global longing to spread the cryptocurrency in everyday life.
Everything starts with instant recording: You can create an account with a few clicks and how to buy or sell anything in the world.
If you don’t have a cryptographer, we’ll show you how to get it. With Alphateca, it’s easy for everyone to enter the cryptocurrency e-commerce world.

Technical description of the Atec file
General Information
We offer an ATEC encryption token based on the Ethereum platform. The Atec file has limited emissions. This is a utility token that can be used only for placements in projects, but it may be moved within the Web site. (We also prohibit the Ico participants from transferring ATEC tokens between portfolios). Tokens cannot be used outside of the website. All unsold tokens will be destroyed. The coin can only be used once.
Presale and Ico
The buyer will transfer the ETH by a smart contract and receive a bonus based on an ATEC token, plus amount and payment day. So the recipient of the Alphateca Web site is registered, so you select the function to fill the balance of the personal account of the account reset icon in the inside balance and the Atec tokconvenesees your account personally.

Route Map
December 1, 2017: the emergence of the idea
15 January 2018-Platform prototype
March 15, 2018: Transforming Ideas into technical tasks
April 1, 2018: collects all team members
1 May 2018-the first alpha version of the project
22 May 2018-first team presentation at Expo Forum
1 June 2018-Technical project start
Service function payment, moderation Personal ads Department and the launch of the production version together-June 10, 20Supportort Services
14 June 2018-Introduction to store, Warehouse, auction
15 June 20pre-sales less launch expansion in Germany, France
1 July 2018-the launch of the ICO, offline activities will support the project,
Add educational materials to the website in July 2018: Attract stores and buyers for projects, add apps for IOS and Android, expand the geography of the project in Austria, Italy
August 2018-The launch of services for the exchange of tokens and ATEC services by adding video/video for the sale of projects, meetings, joint purchases, geographical expansion the of project in Scandinavian countries.
September 2018: Web seminars, add new advertising tools to expand the geography of UK project
October 2018-New Year sales, the preparation of the event with the sale of tickets through the website, the preparation of the geographical expansion project in Japan
November 2018-Realization of the event, expanding the geography of the project Turkey, India
December 2018-The application of gift vouchers and corporate gift products for the New Year

Alphateca is a good Ico program.
It’s really great to think about work. He attracts people regularly.
It is difficult to achieve expert and competent cooperation.
We can improve the ability to achieve goals.
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