ALIGATOCOIN – Today I want to start our conversation about the sphere of internet shopping. Agree, today, more and more stores with real moving to electronic mode. After all, it is much more convenient and rational, and most importantly cheaper than for users, and for sellers. After all, you do not pay for the rent of the exhibition site for your goods, and sometimes it occupies decent square meters. Thus, in this section goes decently save.

Thus, this savings very well affect the price of the goods. In the same way, it is more convenient to implement. In the Internet, the shop can be purchased a person being in a completely different city, and the goods after the purchase he will deliver the service delivery. This is another huge plus. So, but to date, as it did not seem very comfortable, there are minuses in this section. The first major drawback is the debt delivery, or at all comes not something that ordered or does not come at all. A little pleasant, money is usually returned, but the residue will remain. Especially when you have counted on this product, for example, as a gift for not being a holiday. And the second factor is the safety of your personal data, which is also a lot of importance. After all, criminals on each corner will be notified of information about us. Now we will talk, just about a project that has to change everything for the better. Meet the project, titled Aligatocoin.

About the project:
Aligatocoin-Inherently this project will have to solve all the above-listed problems. The project aims to output to a new level of trade. That is, all aspects, such as purchase, payment, delivery will be withdrawn at a very different level, and due to this area will start its ascent upwards and to it, there would be even more confidence.

Similarly, I would like to note that this project is based on such technology as the block-up with smart contracts, and this is a very important step. Thanks to this technology will be resolved with the security of your personal data, as well as your finances will be sufficiently protected, and all transactions will be as transparent as possible.

Not very important is the fact that the project will be applied artificial intelligence, thanks to this will be the most convenient, and the most important to establish the process of collecting information on all stages, such as purchase, retaliation, dispatch, as well as obtaining Goods.
Another interesting fact. The platform wants to continue to use to deliver the drones, but as you can understand it is just not far distances. Although it is quite difficult in a carnal fact. Let’s see how they cope with it.
Also in the platform has its own internal token, about the sale of which we are now and talk. Aligatocoin By the way, all the services provided on the platform, you can pay the data to the internal token.

Now a couple of words about the ICO project:
Token will be called: ALC.
Price per unit of Token ALC will be: 1 ALC = $0.50.
The sales will be held from July 30, 2018, to August 30, 2018.
Minimum sales goal: 1 000 000 Tokenov ALC.
Maximal purpose of sales: 70,000,000 Token ALC.
Total Tokenov will be released: 100,000,000 Token ALC.
If the project is not gaining a minimum goal, then all finances come back to investors, it is a guarantee of security that funds will either work or return to investors.

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