ALGORY is a Powerful and Multifunctional Tool For Cryptocurrency Trading

ALGORY –  is a multi functional platform for trading criptocurrency. This is one of the best analysis tool created for crypto traders around the world. Platform, created by merchants, providing a good prospect for analysis in the implementation of trade criptocurrency.

We are a trader that came from two of the world’s largest stock exchanges: The New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) and National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotation
PRIME (NASDAQ). There is no stock market that recently has caused so much commotion in recent years as cryptocurrencies. We have been present in this market since the year 2013, as both the CryptoMiners as well as CryptoTraders, make money on the ups and downs of the price of cryptocurrencies each. Pads remember our time has been devoted to finding the best investment and trading opportunities cryptocurrency Exchange, we decided to put a product on the market that will streamline the the entire process of making investment decisions and further, will make you more efficient and more profitable trader.

Algory project presents a unique tool
Great crypto scanner (creating a filter that scans the market criptocurrency online).
Crypto (news for traders who loves speed, and contains news, tweet, blog, etc. On one source).
Block-analyzer (this is the monitoring of various wallets for analysis of a possible sale through the transfer of large amounts of currency and exchanges between crypto wallet).
Vacktester-check your filter (you can increase Your profitability with the help of strategic testing, required to evaluate the work of the strategy). Vacktester will use the statistics of the procedures undertaken to audit, assess whether the strategy is profitable, and form opinions about kind of what her disposal in the future, i.e. platform allows to check the data the past from different time periods in order to know the last occurrence).
ICO Analyzer (allows to verify each project directly before investing in it. It is recommended that this analysis of the ICO used to verify all the ICO to come).
Cryptoviewer (allows to test certain vague keywords, you can choose your own cryptresources list for news analysis, examining all information about crypto-currency, get quick access to the crypto-currency trends).
Platform Algory has her token ALG. The use of token ALG is required to gain access to the advanced functions of the platform Algory. This is the only way to use this multifunctional tool that works in real time, with full capacity.

Aljeri registered and located in Poland. Since 15 November 2017, users can subscribe to the “white list”. For participants in the white list, the ICO will commence on December 7, 2017 and lasted for a day. ICO Basic will commence on 8 December 2017 and will last until January 8, 2018, that month, or will end early if all tokens are for sale. The exact number of token ALG will produce 120 million and nothing more. The total Amount is 100 000 ETH. Up to 10,000 ETH will be available for participation through its “white list”, and the rest will be available for purchase during the main crowdsdale. Minimum number of participants for a single ETH ICO does not exist. The maximum number of ETH for one participant ICO also does not exist. However, the maximum amount of which is set for participants ”

On the Algory platform, only payment by Ethereal (ETH) received. It should be noted that participants can do some purchases in ICO, for example, these days making 20 ET, and tomorrow – 50 ET. Thus, there is no limit for a single participant or address ETH. There are a lot of exchanges for a user, where you can buy the ETH, for example,,,, and By using the wallet, Algory recommends that users only participate with purses that correspond to ERC20. For example, it is recommended to use the wallet as MEW (MyEtherWallet), Metamask, because the wallet is used especially with participation in ICO token sales.
If users participate through Jaxx/Exodus, he will also be able to get the token ALG, but will not be able to view it in your wallet. In this case, you need to export the private key of the user to the wallet is compatible ERC20, such as MEW, Mist or Metamask. It should be noted that the developer platform Algory does not prohibit the use of Jaxx/Exodus, however, however, did not recommend it. In addition, platform Algory not recommend delivery of ETH from the stock exchange. In such cases, the probability of not to receive the token while contributing on the exchange rate. In this case, even the supporting services that can’t help Algoriorius.
The developers promised that the token ALG will be available for transmission as soon as possible after the end of ICO and the token will be listed on exchanges ALG’s primary after ICO. Access to the Algorius platform token can be obtained immediately after sending the ETH to the wallet.

It should be noted that us citizens are not allowed to participate in the ICO Algory because of legislation adopted in their countries. Citizens of other countries are encouraged to participate in the sale of the token, unless prohibited by the laws and regulations in their jurisdictions.
Thus, this platform will provide access to a variety of useful tools, such as Crypto-currency scanner, autotrading, social training, charts and analysis, Exchange. Platform developer often provide software updates, by adding new features rely on the users ‘ needs. ICO is a form of image processing alternative for product development technology-based blocking. There are some tools that are intended to trade the crypto-currencies. They are not as strong as there is already such a multifunctional and Algorius. This company is fairly new in this market, but has ambitious plans and will be the leaders in trade currency crypto.

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