Alfa Enzo – Your banking, Social Network, and Marketplace, in One

Alfa-Enzo is a full-fledged social market space of the fifth generation, combining a comfortable design and the opportunity to earn on time spent in the network. In theory, the ecosystem can satisfy absolutely any user from anywhere in the world. The system is designed from scratch and is designed to solve the main problems of cryptocurrency.

At the end of ICO Alfa-Enzo plans to deploy its own mine-no, which will have the status of the world’s first decentralized peer operating system. Project Mission: To develop an equal and inclusive global economy that will be easy for people and organizations to address.

Yet no decentralized application or cryptocurrency has proven its suitability for everyday use. The blockchain ecosystem requires a decentralized analog of conventional money, i.e. a truly mass currency with the possibility of distributed application. There are three main obstacles to this path today:

1. Existing blockchain networks are too slow to perform micropayments. They can not displace centralized payment giants, for example, VISA.
2. Cryptocurrency is complex in understanding, receiving and using. To feel their benefits, you need to think big. Therefore, the main demand for the crypt comes from the investors, not from ordinary consumers.
3. There is no market for goods and services that can be purchased for digital coins.
This set of problems in colloquial speech is called the “last mile” of cryptocurrency. The expression came from the American slang, where the “last mile” was called the final branch of telecommunication networks. The developers of Alfa-Enzo are convinced that the solution of the issues within the last mile will significantly approximate the mass acceptance of the crypt in the world.

Features and benefits of the platform
Existing blockchain platforms do not allow to create really public currencies; A lot of understatement and defects. The Alfa-Enzo project will have the following properties:

1.speed. The exchange of assets should be as easy and unhindered as the exchange of data. And also just as safe. Users always want to get the quickest access to content.
2. Usefulness. To become a truly popular product, the site must meet the requirements of a large number of users and have a wide range of functionality.
3.intuitive. If the user is not able to understand the functionality, it just goes away. Alfa-Enzo pays special attention to the fact that people can easily store and transfer assets, to have decentralized applications.

Thus, Alfa-Enzo has all chances to develop the first mass cryptocurrency and unique commercial ecosystem of decentralized type. Enzo as Currency In addition to paying for digital and physical values sold by individual merchants within the ecosystem, the Enzo token (Nzo) will be used as:

 Commissions payable to EON nodes for the processing of smart contracts and transactions;
 Confirmation of certain transactions;
 Payment for platform-based application services;
 Payment for secure distributed data storage;
 Payment for registration of temporary names on the basis of blockchain;
 Payment for advertising and other Push services.
Alfa-Enzo In the history of the world, there is such a peculiarity-each currency system distributes money from top to bottom. Accordingly, the potential value is simply not used. As for cryptocurrency Enzo, its distribution is organized on the principle of participation. Everyone who joins the network and helps it to develop will thrive with it. And the more the amount of intra-net transactions, the more the demand becomes. In this way, all participants remain in the win.

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